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The Fruin is a classic West Coast spate river and even after the heaviest rain will be fishable within hours of the water height peaking.

This means that while other rivers in the west coast and Clyde valley are affected by spate conditions the Fruin can offer sport for a couple of days that in other rivers might be lost to poor conditions.

The loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association leases the vast majority of the river with the exception of a couple of miles of mainly unfishable south bank above and below the A818 Helensburgh road bridge. In all there is around 9 miles of water from the junction with Auchengaich Burn off the old Glen Fruin Road down to the A82 road bridge.

Depending on the time of year and the amount of rain experienced in the preceding weeks river levels on the Fruin can rise and fall extremely quickly. In some occasions the spate can be completely flushed out within 6 hours so timing is everything on this river, particularly in July and August. In September and October if there has been previous rain then river levels can hold up far longer providing a longer opportunity to explore the river.

The river can essentially be split into 3 sections:

Top section, above the Blackbridge - which will fish first after a spate. This section is narrow but has some deep holding pools and is fishable within hours of heavy rain.

Middle section, between the Black bridge and the A818 road bridge at Daligan Farm, probably the quietest section of river, i.e. you might struggle to see another angler here all day. This is more challenging fishing with some great pools but involves a bit of walking and scrambling which adds to the enjoyment for some.

Bottom section, below the A818 road bridge where the river widens the pools get deeper and access is reasonably easy apart from one small section known as the jungle which is a short trek through a wooded area downstream of the Daligan Farm car park. For those not interested in making their way through this section simply walk across the field and re-join the river at the large field where the horseshoe bend.

Fishing is by fly only and a small 9 - 10 foot aftm 7 or 8 rod will suffice. A floating line with a sink tip is all that is really required and flies will vary in size from an 8 on larger waters to size 14’s in lower flow conditions. If the river is high and peat stained a larger tube fly can also be successful.

Please note there is no fishing at the falls pool and the river between the falls and the A818 bridge at Dumfin, a section of about 400m is inaccessible.

In the event that an angler is rained off the River or indeed the river is too low, this ticket will enable the angler to fish the River Leven or Clyde Estuary, thus guaranteeing the angler sport no matter what conditions prevail.

Whilst the season runs from 11th February until 31st October, migratory fish seldom arrive before the end of June.


The Fruin is a classic West Coast spate river and even after the heaviest rain will be fishable within hours of the water height peaking.









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