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FishPal is a fast-growing online booking engine for fisheries, whole rivers and individual beats. We have over 2 million visits to the site from anglers each year, and we're growing fast..


If you would like a group of fisheries to join us, whether as a full franchise or not, then we would like to hear from you.

Please telephone us on +44 (0)131 6187852 in the first instance to discuss your proposal.

Alternatively you can email [email protected]







Support the environment

We give a small contribution from every booking (at no extra cost to you) to the Atlantic Salmon Trust.

Comprehensive customer support

We will work with you to help create an engaging page that reflects the quality of your fishery and attracts bookings whenever you have surplus availability.


通过易于使用的在线管理系统,您可以更新房间可用性、价格和其它详细信息。若您未有使用渠道经理,则可手动「接受」或「拒绝」每次预订,避免出现双重预订的情况 We are integrated with most channel managers.



Easy to set up

Easy to set up, it will take you no longer than 40 minutes!

Key points

  • We charge an annual listing fee for each fishery, and any successful lettings made through us are subject to a commission. In both cases we also have to add VAT at the current rate.
  • Commission rate is 10.0% (+1.5% card processing fee and VAT if applicable) for bookings via Bookings via our widget on your own website have a commission rate of 5.00% (+VAT)
  • You aren't tied in: if FishPal isnt working for you, you can withdraw your availability at any time.


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