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The trout fishing season in Argyll runs from March 15th to October 6th, though several waters open later and close earlier.

Loch Awe

On Loch Awe the best fly fishing for wild brown trout is to be had during the first few months of the season before fish move into deeper water and at the back end of the season when the fish move back into shallower water.

Traditional drift fishing over shallower water during these times can still produce nice baskets of hard fighting brown trout averaging 3/4lb with fish of 1-2lb not uncommon. Spinning can also be very effective in the right areas.

Trolling for Ferox trout is a very successful and popular fishing method used on Loch Awe. Ferox trout are large predatory Brown trout which spend most of their time in the depths feeding on the loch's abundant population of Arctic char and Roach.


Inverawe Trout Fishery


The three trout lochs, stocked with prime hard fighting Rainbow Trout, guarantees a great day's fly fishing for all levels. Also available, are Fishing Lessons with our knowledgeable instructors.

To Book fishing on the Inverawe Trout Fishery click this link Inverawe Trout Fishery


Hill Lochs


Argyll is littered with hill lochs and many anglers relish the thought of setting out on a hill loch expedition armed with fly rod and reel, box of flies, map and a compass with a view to fishing as many of these hill lochs as they can.

This has to be among the most satisfying ways to catch a wild brown trout. If you're prepared to put in the legwork there are some cracking wild trout to be caught that may not see an angler from one season to the next.

However, as with everything, there are exceptions to this rule. In some lochs lurk brown trout well over 4lb waiting to be caught, so remember to take a camera and net, but also remember stealth will be required to capture one of these specimens - they didn't grow big by being careless!!!

Hills can be a dangerous place to be caught out on, the weather can change quickly and cloud can descend making visibility poor. Therefore, always plan your trips with this in mind, dress appropriately and leave details of your plans so you can be found if you get lost.


River Fishing


Argyll is not noted for its river fishing. However, the picture isn't as bleak as some may think. Trout are present in may of the rivers and there are still runs of sea trout in good numbers and there is good sport to be had from both.

Argyll rivers are, in the whole, small spate streams and heavy rain is the key to successful river fishing in Argyll. It takes prolonged rain and a significant rise in the river level to tempt sea trout into the rivers. But, as soon as the rain stops, get the rods out as it's time to go fishing! Please remember spate streams run off quickly and the window of opportunity to have a good fishing day can be short and easily missed so keep an eye to the weather when here and plan your trip carefully.

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