Latest Situation as at 21st November 2020

England: All salmon and trout rivers are now in their close season. Some grayling and coarse fishing still available, but lockdown restrictions mean for locals only, and then only if with family, support bubble or maximum one other person

Scotland: Fishing is allowed in all areas, but most salmon rivers are now in their closed season except for the Tweed and Nith which both close on 30th November. Grayling and coarse fishing is also available. The position regarding travel and accommodation varies according to levels set for each region. Nobody may travel from England.

What if restrictions affect my fishing?

If you no longer wish to fish because of travel restrictions, you will not necessarily receive a refund.

Some fisheries/beats may offer you a refund, credit note or another date. They are only obliged to if they themselves are cancelling the fishing, or altering what was booked by you.

If your accommodation provider has cancelled your accommodation and you wish to cancel your fishing, we can not offer a refund, but we can help with trying to relet your fishing.

If you have fishing booked and are no longer able to travel, we can help with trying to relet it. Please contact us via the Help Centre.

What extra rules now apply when fishing?

These coronavirus rules are to help ensure that not only you, but also other anglers, ghillies and walkers, are protected as far as possible. They will apply to all past and future bookings made through FishPal.

  • 1. Social Distancing. Always keep at least 2 metres away from ALL other people on the river (unless in your own household). In particular do not shake hands with anyone.
  • 2. Do not share cars, boats, huts, tackle, nets, crockery, food etc with anyone else (unless in your own household).
  • 3. No longer expect any ghillie to shake your hand, set up your equipment, make you cups of tea, or drive you round the beat. Do not hand any tip directly to the ghillie. Leave it where it can easily be found.
  • 4. Bring your own food and drink and do not share
  • 5. Bring your own hand sanitiser and wipes and use regularly during the day, especially if you have to use any WC provided by the fishery (try to avoid if you can). Wash your hands regularly wherever possible.
  • 6. Wear gloves when touching doors, gates, styles, fences or any equipment that is not your own.

In addition you must use your own common sense at all times to reduce the risk of cross infection. If in doubt, don't do it!

If you have any queries or suggestions relating to this page, please use our Help Centre to contact us .