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The Scottish River levels are getting out of date due to SEPA, who we collect data from, having a major systems issue. We apologise for this loss of service - for the latest information on resolving it, please go to our System Status page


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Before contacting us, you will probably find far quicker answers to popular questions by clicking on the relevant ones below


See our Coronavirus page

Please check our System Status page and if necessary report a bug.

Please check our App explanation page.

Please check our Advertising page


Suggest you start with our Find Fishing page

Suggest you start with our Advice section

Have a look at our Online booking page

Do your first booking in the normal way, but when you get to your booking request list, instead of clicking 'Pay for this booking now' click 'Add another booking'

Book online as normal and when you get to the payment page choose the Voucher option rather than a card. You will need to enter your voucher number and its expiry date. It will only process bookings if the voucher balance left covers the full amount due. If it does not, please send your booking request and voucher number to us, using the blue button at the bottom right of this page. We will then call you to collect the balance by card and when done can make the bookings for you.

You need to access your Angler's control panel. Enter your email address and your password. If you have forgotten your password, or do not have one, you can set a new one. Once in click the 'Current Bookings' button

Use your control panel to see your bookings (see above) and click on the relevant booking to see a copy of your confirmation

To try and ensure that our emails get to you, please whitelist in your email provider's control panel, as some of their filters may be blocking our emails

You need to access your Angler's control panel and then click the 'Change my details' button.

Go to our Email alerts page and then choose which service you want for which river. You can review your list in your Control panel


Go to the Fishery log in page. Use either you manager's password or your ghillie's passcode (a number). Using the latter restricts acces to things like financial statements

Log into your control panel and under 'Rods to Let' click the relevant year. Use the 'See Help' link in the heading for further help

Log into your control panel and under 'Catches' click the 'This year' or 'Previous Years. Use the 'See Help' link in the headings for further help

Log into your control panel and just above the map click the 'Change these and other details' button. Use the 'See Help' link in the heading for further help.

Log into your control panel and in the bottom left corner click the 'Help pages' link for a comprehensive help section

Suggest you start with our Join us page

Still need help?

Send us a message using the blue help button at the bottom right of this page. We should respond quickly in normal office hours, but outside these times there will be delays as the system is only checked occasionally.

We no longer accept initial support requests to or any staff email addresses. However you can use the Message system and ask us to reply by email, so you will still get the same email support service as before

Our phone line (01573 470612) is only manned from 1-2pm on weekdays and no longer takes phone messages outside these times. The phone hour will be busy, so please let us give priority to people who do not have access to the internet, by using our Message system wherever you can. You can use it to ask us to ring you, but there may inevitably be a delay in doing so. Please say exactly what help you need, as us emailing you relevant links on the website may be quicker and easier for you than having to wait for a call back.