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If you have used your fishing tackle, shoes and/or waders in other countries before bringing it to Iceland, it must be sterilized before you use it in Icelandic waters.

Further information can be obtained from - the Icelandic Food & Veterinary Authority's website.

A pdf of the form which needs to be authorised by a veterinarian and is required by Icelandic customs offiers can be found here

Guidelines FOR disinfection are as follows:

The equipment should be immersed in disinfectant solution and then dried with a soft cloth. Examples of approved disinfectants are as follows:

1. Virkon (1% solution)

2. Caustic soda (0.2% solution)

3. Crystaline soda (5% solution)

4. Setex (0.3% solution)

5. Korsolin (3% solution)

6. Formalin (2% formaldehyd solution)

7. Phenol solution (2-5% solution)

A 24 hour disinfection service is provided at Keflavik International Airport. Contact the custom officers for this service.

Please note that all import of fresh bait of organic origin is strictly forbidden. This ban includes for example all kinds of worms, larvae, shrimps, minnows and eggs of fish. Any attempt to import such bait is punishable by law.

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