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Last week

(Last Updated: Tuesday 17 May)

w/c 9 May 2022

A challenging week on the river with the changeable weather and conditions, we had an uplift in water at the start of the week which we were grateful for, but it made for some tricky fishing with peaty water and then high winds were also difficult to contend with. Smolts were continuing to run through the smolt traps on the Beltie & the Tanar and were progressing down into the main stem of the river. Beat owners, ghillies, river office staff and volunteers were on dawn patrol again all last week for the smolt run, but it is now tailing off a bit as we hit the middle of May. 

Starting the reporting with Crathie and this beat was well ahead of the others this week in terms of numbers caught, with 13 springers on the beat keeping Archie Hay busy helping his anglers get the most out of their days on the Dee. 

Mr Lyndon Ford (pictured) from Shropshire started off the week with a stunning 17lb fish, he dropped me an email to say he had a magical day on the Dee, and this was his first proper salmon, he caught it in the Polmonier pool on a Green Highlander he tied himself! Archie told me he was right up the other end of the beat missing calls from Lyndon to get assistance and made a mad dash to help him, as did Ghillie the Labrador. I am sure the adrenalin of catching the fish took a while to wear off. Congratulations to Lyndon.

Also, at Crathie, Mr James Stock had a fish of 7lb. Mr P Smith had a good week with 4 fish 2x7lb, and ones of 12 and 16 respectively. Mr P Mann caught his first Dee salmon 8lb and Miss Tali Cahani caught her first ever a 10 lber (pictured) Mrs Kathy Lankshere captured a 12 lber (pictured)) Mr Rod Smith fishing the beat for the first time also caught a 15lb fish. Some great memories made this week.

Craig McDonald the ghillie at Headinch & Cambus said the week started well with Guy Hollis landing a 7lb fish from Fergie’s pool within 10 mins of starting! Josh Bell (pictured) had a fish on Wednesday from Stone in the hole on a monkey having lost a fish the day before. The 2nd half of week was frustrating with several offers and a couple lost but nothing to the bank sadly.

Deecastle beat had five last week. Michael Trafford started off on Monday with a 10 lber from Pleasant Walk. The rise in water made conditions hard to fish but the water cleared on Friday and Mark Beaty had a 7lber from 29 pool. Saturday was much better with 3 fish landed and a couple lost. Christopher Harrold (pictured) had a brace of 10lbers from The Haugh and 29 and Chris Turner had a 6lber.

Further down there were fish at Carlogie beat, with one to 15lb on Thursday, at Cairnton & Middle Blackhall Derek Wright managed to land a lovely fresh 6lber in the Grey Mare on a Silver Stoat tube, and at Banchory & Lower Blackhall Michael Lankshere had a small salmon from the Feugh mouth on Monday. Well done to all the anglers on the river who managed to get a spring fish this week.

Today it has been raining since breakfast time and so let’s hope that brings some better conditions for the anglers this coming week. We look forward to seeing you on the Dee

Let me know about any of your fishing stories at the email below.

Tight lines!

Debbie Cooper

[email protected]

T 07979 878971

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Beat catches reported

(Last week)

Beat Catches
Park Salmon - 1, Sea trout - 0
Lower Crathes W Durris Salmon - 0, Sea trout - 1
Invery And Tilquhillie Salmon - 0, Sea trout - 2
Lower Blackhall and Banchory Salmon - 1, Sea trout - 2
Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo Salmon - 0, Sea trout - 1
Cairnton and Mid Blackhall Salmon - 1, Sea trout - 0
Upper Blackhall Salmon - 0, Sea trout - 1
Sluie Salmon - 0, Sea trout - 2
Ballogie Salmon - 0, Sea trout - 1
Carlogie Salmon - 2, Sea trout - 0
Dinnet Salmon - 4, Sea trout - 1
Headinch and Cambus O'May Salmon - 2, Sea trout - 0
Crathie Salmon - 13, Sea trout - 0
 Lyndon Ford with Ghillie at CrathieTali Cahini with her first ever salmon at Crathie Tali Cahini with her first ever salmon at Crathie
 Kathy Lankshere at CrathieKathy Lankshere at Crathie Josh Bell at Headinch & Cambus Christopher Harrold at Dinnet & Deecastle

Season so far

(Last Updated: Monday 21 March)

When final catch reports are in, we expect the 2021 season to finish slightly ahead of 2020, with around 3,000 salmon

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