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(Last Updated: Monday 07 August)

River Findhorn

Latest from Lethen Estate

Weekly Report W/C Monday 31 July 2023


On Monday Roger Mould had an excellent start to the week returning to Dulsie Cottage after a few years away. Roger landed a 5lb grilse in Lairds at 11:20am, caught on a size 8 Silver Stoat with jungle cock cheeks. Then Tony Pollard also scored with a 4½lb grilse out of Loop at 2:25pm on a size 10 Silver Flame Doctor. Both fish were safely returned.


Monday on the Dunearn beat Stephen Habershon reported a 2lb grilse from Upper Kennel on a ½" Alistair in low water and on Tuesday Caroline Habershon caught and released a 4lb grilse, also from Upper Kennel, on a ¾" Alistair in medium water.


There was more success on the Dunearn beat on Wednesday with 3 grilse for the day. Caroline landed a 3lb grilse in Haugh Stream at 10am and this was followed half an hour later by Stephen with a 3lb grilse from the same pool. Then at 1pm as the water continued to drop, Stephen had a 2lb grilse in Peter's Pot. All were on ¾" Alistair flies and were safely released.


On Thursday Caroline Habershon caught and released a 3lb grilse from Nettle Hole in low water on a ½" Alistair fly.


Then on Saturday Caroline ended the scoring on Dunearn with a 2lb grilse from Haugh Stream, again on a ½" Alistair fly in low water.


Jason McCruden fished Altnahara on Saturday afternoon. He reported Boat, Black and the Upper Gorge were quiet, with one fish having a look at fly in Upper Chair, and a salmon tempted at the spine in Englishman’s. Jason covered a jumping fish in tail of Englishman’s, that took the fly but was off within seconds. Then casting off the big rock he hooked a nice grilse in the tail of Englishman’s and it turned and ran down to Deadman’s. It was a brilliant scrap, running and scrambling over the boulders, snagged a few times but he got lucky and he landed a silver 5lb grilse that was safely released. He then fished on down to Altnahara Stream and hooked another one and it turned too but held it in pool and was landed. It was silver 5lb grilse in good condition and no lice. Finally it was back up to Englishman’s and Jason fished off the rock and he hooked a cracker around 7lb's, but it was mad and you just know when a fish is not going to make the net. It pulled the hook but was great fun.



Latest from Ian Neale

Monday started with low water conditions but we found fish in low water lies and we got them to come to flies. We hooked two grilse but unfortunately they came unbuttoned. The afternoon was quiet. 


On Tuesday we had a rise in water levels and it was great to sea fish pushing through the beat. We contacted a fish in Essiemore but again the hooks didn’t find their place. 

On Wednesday we had a good push of fish come through the beat.  We got hold of three fish in Poolie and Essiemore but again luck wasn’t on our side and they came undone. 

On Thursday the water was perfect for the gorge and we got hold of another two grilse. Again, after lots of head shakes the fish came off. 


Friday the water was dropping back quickly but again we found fish and got them to react to our offerings.  Grilse are tricky at the best of times and we lost both fish we hooked. 

On Saturday we were back to low water conditions and only got one fish to come up and take a hitch but it was a real half chance which didn’t finish in the net. 


We had action every day of the week with boils and swirls at our flies. Finally a grilse and a sea trout of around 3 lbs hooked and released on Saturday evening. The team loved their time fishing the stunning surroundings of the gorge and will be back next season to make amends for this year. Another great week with lots of laughs and good chat from an experienced group of fishers.



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Beat catches reported

(Last week)

Beat Catches
Darnaway Salmon - 1, Sea trout - 0
Logie and Relugas Salmon - 1, Sea trout - 0
Lethen Salmon - 2, Sea trout - 0
Fishing the Poolie Falls, Upper Home, Darnaway

Fishing the Poolie Falls, Upper Home, Darnaway


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