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Commonty is one of the best little beats of the Middle Dee. It offers 1.5 miles right bank fishing, 12 named pools.

It is increasingly productive and consistently producing approximately 100 fish per season.

Commonty is a secluded, tranquil and extremely attractive beat. Access is via a forest road which descends through coniferous woodland to the river. The main pool, the Garden, is an angler's delight and versatile for even the most discerning fisher. Chair, Loop, Bend and Points are productive pools with their own attractive characteristics.

Commonty is a lovely beat of great variety, where peace and quiet is an added bonus; it has a wonderful variety of flora and fauna with common sightings of roe deer and otters.

Commonty has 3 rotating rod beats from February to end of June then it changes to a 2-rod beat; at the end of August, it reverts back to supporting 3 rods. The Commonty is jointly owned by Finzean Estate and Ballogie Estate and is managed through Ballogie Estate Office.

The much-praised Commonty Hut, which replaced the hut lost in Storm Frank, has been specially built of Scottish Larch, has a gas cooker, wood burning stove, comfy seating, picnic bench and toilet facilities. In such a peaceful location, the hut has proved popular at lunchtimes as a rendezvous for anglers, family and friends. The beat also has 2 additional shelters available. There is vehicular access to all pools with the exception of Burnmouth, Suicide, Loop, Bend and Points, where access is gained on foot via the tranquil and pretty river paths.

A part-time ghillie is included in the price of the beat, from 1st February to the last week of June and also from the beginning of September to the end of the season. From June to September there is an additional charge if ghillie services are required.

Top Pools 2020

1. Loop
2. Boat
3. Garden
4. Bend
5. Burnmouth

Top Flies 2020:

1. Cascade
2. Francnsnaelda
3. Sunray
4. Monkey
5. Willie Gunn


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