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Bluestone Fishing is situated 5 miles inland from the A1 at Berwick Upon Tweed and is located near the village of Hutton Hall Barns, postcode TD15 1TT.

The beat is fished by day rods and annual members (please enquire for membership).

Annual Memberships for 2018 Season

Full Season Member (£350)
Summer Evening Sea Trout & Salmon Membership (£200)
2018 Full Season Member Open for subscription, and availability will close on 1/4/2018, or earlier if subscribed. Annual membership is limited to 20 members at a cost of £350.00. Members can fish the beat whenever they wish in the early months of the season, to April 7th 2018. Thereafter, for the rest of the 2018 season, 9th April to 30th November, members & their guests can fish on days of their choice for 20 rod days. These rod days can be gifted to friends or family, guests can be invited, rods can be used singly or in multiples, provided there is availability to a maximum of 5 rods per day on the Bluestone website. Rods can be booked as far in advance as required or taken at short notice. Reservation of rods should be through the Bluestone website. Rod reservation in the early season to April 9th should also be through the Bluestone website, or Andrew Lee, in order to keep the beat within 5 rods per day. Tweed Commission Regulations and beat rules will apply.

2018 Summer Evening Sea Trout & Salmon Member; restricted to the first 8 persons who join through FishTweed, at a cost of £200. Membership will run from 14th May through to 18th August (3 months), permitting members to fish from 6:30pm any evening to 12:00midnight, on as many occasions as they wish to fish during these dates. This membership will be restricted to eight people. Rules will be issued to members in accordance with Tweed Commission Regulations and rules of the beat. No Sunday fishing. No prior booking required, but members will be asked to sign a book on arrival and record their catch. No guests, members use only.

Anglers fishing the beat using the fly are recommended to use the a 12ft or 13ft double handed rod in good water conditions, or possibly a switch rod in lower water.

During the fishing day anglers will fish the entire beat, (Upper & Lower). All rods rotate each day at lunchtime.

The Whiteadder enjoys a good run of spring salmon from March to May. Sea trout arrive in the river from June onwards. During the summer months, provided there has been adequate rainfall, the Whiteadder has good runs of grilse and salmon. The main run of autumn salmon arrive through September and October, these runs can be prolific if the rainfall is consistent. The beat fishes well from 9 ins to 2ft on the Hutton Castle river gauge which is sited in the middle of the beat. The gauge is updated during the day and can be viewed on FishTweed and FishPal.

The beat's hut is located at the top of the Lower Beat next to the car park. The comfortable hut has tea/coffe making facilities, BBQ and a small stove, everything you need to enjoy a light lunch or picnic. Toilet facilities are located near to the fishing hut.

For a comprehensive list of places to stay whilst in the Borders visit our Where To Stay
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Sun 11th March

Sunday 11th March.

Saturday's rain and snow melt has again put the river up to over 4ft today. This lift of mucky water will take a couple of days to run off but but by Tuesday (13th) and later this week the river should be clear and at a good level. As the date approaches mid March there should be fish in the river. Keep an eye on the levels and  when the river falls back to 2ft it is definitely worth a cast for the first springer of 2018. Rods are available, Give me a call on 07787 505051  Anyone interested in a 2018 season rod is invited for a day as my guest in March.  Andrew Lee

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