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Ness-Side offers prime Atlantic salmon fishing along a mile stretch of the River Ness.

There are three beats of exclusive double bank fishing for six rods. This includes the use of two boats at the Ghillie's discretion.

Situated within the well-established and maintained estate is a first rate fishing hut with outstanding facilities.

A resident Ghillie is on hand to provide knowledge and guidance of the water at Ness-Side.

Ness-Side estate has a long heritage of salmon fishing on the River Ness. Situated midway between Loch Ness and the Moray Firth, the estate lies on right bank of the river in exclusive, well maintained grounds.

Ness-Side's location enhances your fishing experience, easily accessible from all of the major transport systems including, Airport 25mins, Train Station 10mins and the A9 (major road) 10mins.


The fishing season on the River Ness runs from the 1st February until the 15th October. In the upper parts of the Ness system the season starts as early as mid-January, where fresh fish are being caught from opening day.

In the early part of the season spring salmon destined for the upper reaches of the Ness system will all make their way through Ness-Side.

This presents the angler with a good opportunity to bag a fresh run spring salmon.

As the season progresses the River Ness continues to produce fresh run fish, with sea liced fish being caught right up until the last day of the season, the 15th October.

The fishing at Ness-Side extends to almost a mile and a quarter and can be fished from both banks giving anglers plenty of space.

With a gently angled, shingle river bed the Ness gives easy access for wading to get that little bit closer to fish. Boat fishing is widely practiced and in the right conditions can prove very productive.

The use of boats is at the Ghillies discretion.

Fishing at Ness Side is predominantly for Atlantic salmon, however, there is also a healthy population of brown trout, weighing anything up to 6 lbs.

The facilities for fishers are first class, the fishing hut gives anglers the perfect place to rest and refresh after a morning or afternoon on the river, with a full kitchen, ample comfortable seating, a fish preparation area and freezer, it is the perfect base to enjoy the River Ness.

The fishing is split into 3 beats which are rotated twice daily amongst the fishers, each beat has 2 rods so at any one time 6 people can be fishing Ness-Side.

Over the 3 beats, there are 7 named pools:

The Birch Tree - The wide and deep Birch Tree is an excellent fishing pool and fishes well in all water levels, although it is best fished when the water is higher.

The Run - As its name might suggest, The Run, has a faster flow to it with a large hole on the centre of the pool creating the perfect hiding place for Salmon, The run fishes at its best when the water level is low.

The Cairn - Situated just below The Run, The Cairn is a slightly slower and shallower stretch of the river, The Cairn contains many large boulders where fish will lie.

Above Bay - Above Bay is wide with most of the depth being towards the right hand band, this pool fishes well from both banks.

Bay - Like Above Bay, Bay fishes well from both banks, fish can be caught over the whole area of Bay.

Gauge Pool - The Gauge Pool sits directly above a small weir, fish will travel through the weir and rest in the Gauge Pool, you can fish the pool from both banks but it fishing is better on the near bank when the water height is normal.

Holm Pool - Sitting below the Gauge is the Holm Pool, this fishes well in all water heights, it runs faster towards the top of the pool then widens and deepens towards the middle section, the end of the pool has 2 large croys which push the water to the centre of the river to gather pace, with its varied depth and speed, the Holm Pool is one of the best on the River.

Fly fishing and spinning are both practiced at Ness-Side. A 15ft rod combined with a floating line / sinking tip and a good selection flies of various sizes will cover most conditions. For spinning a 10 or 11 ft rod, a reel loaded with 15-18lb line and a selection of minnows and tobies. Tackle and equipment can be provided.

Holm Lodge offers all the comforts and more of a home away from home. It has 5 star hotel standard bedrooms, each one with an en-suite bathroom. It boasts an extensive new conservatory with large French doors which open onto a patio providing picturesque views of the River Ness and beautiful surrounding gardens.
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What makes the estate unique is the short walking distance between Holm lodge, the fishing hut and the river's edge.


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