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There are 4 x 2.5 mile beats each fishing up to 4 rods with a total of 38 named pools. Beats rotate 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 1 etc at midnight. The tidal (Tailrace) beat can be fished every day in addition and the hydro (Mucomir) beat may be fished when fishing Beat One. There are no restrictions on permitted fishing hours.

Fishing is Fly-only except above 2ft on the beat gauge when spinner is permitted. Season: 1st April -15th Oct.

Please download the brochure.

Catches are for the whole river not just the private beats.

There are few rivers in Scotland that can rival the River Lochy and what it offers to the salmon angler. From it's majestic views of Ben Nevis and the surrounding mountain landscape to it's choppy gravelly runs, beautiful clear deep pools and tantalising glides, it's quite simply a fly-fisherman's paradise. If you seek variety, space, seclusion and tranquillity then it's all here in abundance. However, salmon fishing on the Lochy is not all about relaxation and admiring the views. This river has some seriously big salmon running it's course. These fresh run fish represent the greatest challenge in salmon fishing; hooking them isn't easy but landing them is even harder. It takes skill and patience but this is what salmon fishing is all about.

It is little wonder that the late great John Ashley-Cooper crowned the Lochy the "Queen Of Scottish Rivers".


The river is divided into 4 beats, with each beat fishing up a maximum to 4 rods. The beats are roughly 2.5 miles in length and vary greatly in character. In addition to the main beats, all anglers have access to the productive pools both below the Dam at Mucomir and the Tailrace- which is the estuary beat. Essentially you have access to the whole river which is worked on a rotational basis.

The Tailrace beat can be particularly good in low-warm water conditions as the fish hesitate and linger in the cooler and more oxygenated flows and come in and out on the tide.

Each beat enjoys complete exclusivity and there is access to both banks via boats. Most pools are easily accessible by car and/or foot. Wading is easy but life vests and wading sticks are recommended.

The Lochy is a big river so rods between 13-15ft are recommended. For most of the season, a floating line with various sinking tip densities will suffice.

A partial catch and release program is in place, details of which will be supplied to you on arrival.

Ghillies/Guides – The Lochy does not offer compulsory guiding, however if you wish these services then we will provide a list of local ghillies who have extensive knowledge of the river and can provide help and guidance on a daily/weekly basis.


The Lochy season can be divided into 3 categories :

late April - Mid July - MSW salmon up to and over 30lbs are the main target. Average size is typically 13–15lbs and mostly fresh/sealiced.

late June - August - 1SW salmon (Grilse) predominate at this time averaging around 5lbs.

September and October - resident river fish and a run of coloured but fresh salmon and grilse that have spent the late summer in the estuary and run the river late.


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Sun 23rd June

Week ending 22nd June

As expected, and apart from a brief rise midweek, the river came down to a more fishable height for most of this week. It was still running on the high side, making it very easy for fish to run hard to the headwaters, but conditions were a definite improvement on the previous few weeks and the rods stared to get in amongst some fish.

Simon Monro scored a double with a 13lbs salmon from Croy and a small grilse from the Cat Pool. Surprisingly the former was not that fresh, perhaps suggesting that one or two fish are beginning to settle in the Lochy beats at last. There is no doubt though that the majority of the early run has gone through to the Upper Spean and beyond - local club anglers out this week reported seeing several in the beat above Spean Bridge.

Meanwhile back on the Lochy beats David Littlewood scored with a really lovely sparking-fresh salmon of 11lbs from Lundy Mouth. Andrew Maclaren had a clean-run 8 pounder from Middle Camisky when the river dropped down to 1ft 3ins, a level where the Camisky pools will come into play. And special mention goes to Daniel Morland who not only landed the heaviest fish of the week – a fresh 14lbs salmon from Garrabouie Stream on a Sunray Shadow – but it was also Daniel’s first salmon.

Local rod Donald (DJ) Gillies scored later in the week with a fat 13lbs beauty from the Castle Pool and local keeper Harry Nicholson took time off from his duties at Fassfern Estate to land a 4.5lbs fresh grilse at Mucomir Pool.

With 2 grilse landed this week and reports of prawn boats at sea seeing grilse in the outer estuary, if conditions remain favourable then we might see more of these one sea winter travellers in the catches over the next fortnight or so.

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