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At a time when Salmon Fishing in the Northern Hemisphere seems to be experiencing severe difficulties, year upon year reports and statistics in Chile go from strength to strength, with several varieties of Pacific Salmon and their Atlantic cousin appearing to thrive a long way from home! Indeed the size and number of fish must be seen to be believed, with captured King Salmon regularly tipping the scales at over 50lbs.

Trout too are here in large numbers and profit from the incredibly clean glacial and snow fed waters, that are abundant with vegetation and fly life, the fish growing regularly to between 10 and 15lbs.

This truly is the country for the oft fabled monster trout. They don’t take too much finding but finding isn’t ‘catching’ and the Browns and Rainbows of Chile are just as canny as their relatives around the world.

A careful cast, a sharp eye, a patient soul and fast hand will all be put to the test on your fishing trip to Chile, but whether you are an expert of 50 years or you’re just beginning your fishing adventures, there is ample opportunity to enjoy Angling to suit your capability, and the fishery can guarantee you the experience of a lifetime!

It's really important when fishing the Rivers of Chiles Lake District that you have a good selection of sinking lines and sink tips. Rivers are deep and Trout often hang very low amongst rocky river bottoms particularly because of intense daytime sunlight (sunblock a must!).

A range of flies will work from Nymphs to huge hairy streamers but often the combining of black and green colours will bring success.

The fishery use drift boats starting up river and work their way downstream, three to a boat including your guide/oarsman. Casting towards the bank and rocky outcrops and fishing 'on the swing' is the received wisdom of the area. All this said there is some fantastic dry fly fishing using from Midges to humongous Beetle imitations can be successful in raising some huge Trout!

If you're 'in' for Salmon Fishing, techniques are much the same; heavier sinking lines are important, fishing on the swing and getting down quickly for the massive Chinook who by their nature crave the deeps.

Flies are normally Big, Hairy Cats and Magenta, Purple and Green seem to be most effective although Black too is an 'all-rounder'!

Days can start early or after lunch and fish late depending on conditions and what you fancy. Lunch, snacks, beer and wine can be taken on the boat or the bank. This is after a great breakfast in the Lodge and before your return to a warm and cosy dinner and a log fire and a hot tub if you fancy! Tips on flies will be provided and there are several really good tackle shops in Puerto Varas should you be short of anything!

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