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The Egton Estate water is approx. 1.25 miles in length of double bank fishing with some very exciting pools and riffles for resident and passing through seatrout and salmon.

This is a spate river that fished best after a rise.

Fishing will commence from 8am to 10.30pm on the day of fishing. Out of these hours only by agreement from the owner.

Environment Agency and Angling Trust welcome lifting of restrictions on recreational fishing
Restrictions on angling in England are eased from today (Wednesday 13th May) following updated government guidance on outdoor activities.

The news has been welcomed by both the Environment Agency and Angling Trust. The Trust recently put forward its 'When We Fish Again' report to the government, encouraging a phased return to the sport and highlighting the significant benefits fishing offers to both personal well-being and the economy.

Under the new government guidelines, people can fish on their own, with their household, or with one other person while adhering to social distancing rules and staying two metres apart at all times.

Outside members of your own household, people should remain two metres apart from other anglers or members of the public at all times. The most up-to-date information on these restrictions can be found at

The Angling Trust already advises anglers to fish no closer than 15 metres and that matches and organised angling events are still not permissible.

Anglers must also ensure they are in possession of a valid fishing licence, adhere to fisheries byelaws including the close season and have permission of the fishery owner.

A typical spate river with strong runs of
Salmon and Sea Trout from May/June
onwards, subject to rises in water levels. The Yorkshire Esk is a truly intimate river and fish are easily spooked. Fishing this river requires stealth.

The river goes dead at dark but the last hour before dark.

The river is a typical spate river and can take approximately one or two days to run off, during which time, these are the
optimum conditions.

Stealth is key to being successful on the Yorkshire Esk at low water and fish can be easily spooked. Catching our beautiful blue silver, sea run fresh fish in June is down to luck because we need water! Catching fish at low water is very much possible and is down to tiny flies, stealth

6lb to 10b breaking strain is advised in order to prevent splash and disturbance on the water at low water but at the same time, giving the fishermen the confidence that he will not be
broken, providing he or she is gentle when the fish is running and pulling line. 10lb to 12lb is recommended at high water levels.

When the water is running off, larger fly patterns to a size 8 to 10 using silvers, golds and orange, red and blue patterns can

be relied upon. When water conditions are lower, fish can take small flies to a size 14 teal blue and silver, silver stoats tail and more traditional dry fly patterns used on the surface to stir the fish lying in the runs and tails of pools.

Sturdy footwear is recommended and wading isn't recommended or even necessary.

Access is marked on the plan/map on our Fishpal pages and can be downloaded. This Map marked clearly on it, the brown track, known locally as the Toll arias, including parking spots and ingress and egress to the water by field gates onto the road.

Spinning is successful on the Yorkshire Esk and in
low water, we recommend No 1 or No 2 Mepps with small flying Cs with one set of treble hooks permitted only. In higher water, we recommend no 3 Mepp LONG.

Worm, shrimp and prawn are not permitted on Egton Estate fishery.

The Wheatsheaf Inn at Egton provides an excellent pint of local beer and a sandwich though fishermen may bring their own and Take it away with them afterwards. The Horseshoe Hotel is also excellent which boasts a cast of the largest salmon caught on the Yorkshire Esk, proudly mounted in the bar. Whitby is 10 minutes drive away, boasting tremendous history and the North Yorkshire Moors, important for its Heather habitat and ground nesting birds is on the doorstep.

For Beat Map please Download on our Fishpal Page. There is an icon for that.


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