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1000m of mostly double bank at Hesleyside Hall.

Exclusive access to 4 good pools.

The Hesleyside Beat allows a maximum of 3 rods.

Bellingham is only a five minute drive from the beat and has good hotels, pub, shops for a meal, etc.

Ghillie can be Hired.
Trevor Harrison 01434 220325

Hesleyside has kept back its most productive beat at the height of the season for exclusive letting via FishTyne.

This private, double-bank fishing has six pools so offers very private and quiet fishing in the heart of the Northumberland National Park.

Charlton Pool
The beat starts from the tail of this pool.

Rocks Pool
The Rocks Pool pool has easy wading and in 2010 produced record numbers of Sea Trout. Together with the Charlton Pool this section is not double banked.

Major's Pool
The late Major Charlton's favourite spot and also referred to as the Stepping Stones or the Crocodile Pool.

Lint Hole
The Lint Hole is best waded. This is a very productive pool and is situated at the end of a Capability Brown landscaped avenue of trees. Parking here is next to the river.

Hesleyside Pool
This pool can either be fished from the bank or waded. This historic pool has gentle waters and fish take from the mid-point of the pool right into the tail.

Stones Pool
The Stones Pool is the lower limit of the beat with the most productive fishing historically at the head of the pool.

Beat map

A beat map showing the upper and lower limits of the Hesleyside beat (marked as "F" and "G") can be seen here

Anglers comments

My son Simon and I arrived at Hesleyside at 09:00hrs in very heavy rain that was to continue for most of the day.

Despite the rain though I am pleased to let you know that we had a cracking day. The water was in fine form and generally not coloured by the rain and at a good height, it is beautiful fly fishing water.

It was Simons first outing for salmon and salmon fly fishing.

We started fishing in the Hesleyside pool and although we didn't catch in this pool we did see fish move which raised our spirits. We then moved up to the Rocks pool and it was here that Simon caught and landed his first salmon which I estimated to be 10lbs and although quite fit and strong was a heavily coloured male which we carefully retuned to the water. Later in the afternoon I too took a fish of similar size which was also a heavily coloured male which we returned.

We also saw quite a few other fish move but caught nothing further. It was a day that I and I'm sure Simon will always remember.


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