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This is a page for reporting the catches of fish in Cumbria that are not on the Fish Cumbria site.

If you have caught a fish and would like to add it to the reports page with a photo please email: glyn@cumbriaflyfishing.co.uk

For weekly updates please go to the reports page here

A very big welcome to Cumbria Fly Fishing!

The sessions and experiences on the river Eden in Cumbria are with Glyn Freeman. They are designed to suit whatever your ability, aspirations and requirements may be, whether you are just beginning or have been fishing for a while. Improving your Spey casts and salmon fishing techniques or presenting a dry fly in beautiful surroundings for trout is a truly wonderful experience.

Days out on the river are done in a relaxed, safe and friendly manner, my aim is for you is to go away competent, happy, with new skills and something special. You will be put in real fishing situations in moving water, (not on the grass or a platform). I can supply free of charge photos of your day out. The most popular days are the one to one sessions or for two people. Included in the cost is a fishing permit for one person, (for one extra fishing add £50). Also included in the cost is the tuition, guiding and use of any quality tackle and equipment needed if you do not have any, it is on private water on the river Eden in the Northern Lake District and easily accessed.

The experience is run as a half day, a full day or a series of days. You will see and enjoy some stunning scenery (see gallery), please call or email to arrange an outing. You can also purchase a gift voucher for a special person.

There are also many residential courses for both salmon and brown trout available, fly casting and fishing for ladies, demonstrations, team building and corporate days, think of a date and let us tailor make one for you.

Tuition/experience prices.

Fishing permit included with guiding and instruction,

all equipment can be supplied if needed.

£95 - 3 hours - half day

£180 - 6 hours full day


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Thu 17th September

Lower and middle Eden report for September 2020.

1st, water is now fining down nicely, lower river one foot ten inches, a couple of salmon reported today to the fly around the Carlisle area and a thirteen pound fish from Warwick Hall, a ten pound salmon for Mathew Forsyth from the lower river, a ten pound fish for Low House.
2nd, three fish for Warwick Hall today, seventeen, sixteen and fourteen pounds and two more lost. A ten pound fish from Low House.
3rd, river on the rise after heavy rain.
4th, water level one foot ten inches. A couple of salmon above Carlisle, one at twelve pounds from Warwick Hall.
5th, water level one foot six inches. A few salmon caught up to eighteen pounds around the Carlisle and above area.
6th, water level one foot eight inches, two salmon from Warwick Hall to ten pounds today, a couple more reported around the Carlisle area. Rain due tomorrow.
7th, water level one foot six inches with slight colour, rain today. Two twelve pound and a six pound fish off Warwick Hall today and a couple around Carlisle area, an eleven pound fish for Phil Holland.
8th, water level one foot ten inches with slight colour. Two salmon from Warwick hall today fourteen and seven pounds and one lost estimated over twenty pounds, the fish were all fresh which may indicate that the Autumn run maybe underway.
9th, a seven pound fish form Low House.
10th. water level one foot six with slight colour, much cooler, a few salmon caught around the Carlisle area today.
11th, water level one foot three inches, rain and wind today. A seven pound salmon from Low House.
12th, water level one foot one inch, a good fly water now, a very windy day, Warwick Hall had three salmon today and two more reported further upstream.
13th, water level one foot one inch with slight peat tinge, strong south-westerly. Today Warwick Hall got their 100th fish which was nine pounds. Water clear on the the middle river.
14th, water level eleven inches, a twelve pound fish from Warwick hall today and a couple more from the Carlisle area. Water clear, a windless day and a few fish showing.
15th, water level 10 inches, three fish for Low House today, fourteen, eight and eight pounds and a couple of salmon around the Carlisle area.

Lower and middle Eden report for August 2020.

14th. water level six inches and clear with east wind, good fish movements today on the lower river.
15th, water level four inches and clear on the lower river, very low water on the middle beats now, only three fish reported today. Trout fishing very good early and late when the sun is off the water.
16th, water level three inches and clear, a lot of fish on the lower river getting frustrated, rain due.
17th, a fair bit of rain overnight and this morning, a very slight lift of an inch or two, still clear. Water temperature had dropped though the night to 17oC with the little influx of fresh water. A couple of fish reported, but the river not showing the potential if the salmon were in a taking mood.
19th, water level 10 inches after overnight rain but clear, water temperature 17.5oC, fish showing on a regular basis on the lower river. Three fish from Warwick hall today, 12, 15 and 16 pounds, a couple more from around the Carlisle area. Brown trout and sea trout fishing a little on the slow side recently. Big tides over the next few days.
20th, a slight rise in water level today, a twelve pound fish from Warwick Hall and a couple around the Carlisle area, Kevin Edwards and Peter Robinson with a fish each from the lower beats. Good fish movement, with salmon and sea trout coming in off the tides which are increasing in height.
21st, strong southerly winds with heavy rain, water level one foot, river is rising upstream. One salmon reported from Warwick Hall at seven pounds.
22nd, water level two foot six with heavy colour.
23rd, water level three foot on the lower river and rising slowly. One fish of fifteen pounds from Warwick Hall today above the river Irthing. A wet week on the way which may scupper things.
24th, big and coloured water, heavy rain forecast tonight and Tuesday, one fish reported upper middle river today twelve pounds, not great prospects for this week with the weather forecast.
25th, similar conditions as yesterday, storm Francis going through,
Big and coloured water until the 30th, two fish reported around the Carlisle area, river now dropping and clearing.
30th, a couple of fish today from the upper middle river.
31st, a twelve pound fish for Alan Sephton from the middle river, lower river now coming into good ply.

Any reports or pictures of Eden fish or events, please let me know and I will put them on these pages!

Not all fish are reported unfortunately for whatever reason, so it does not give an accurate assessment of what stock there is in the river at any time.

Glyn Freeman - 01697351752 - 07808563788


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