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Golden Grove

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The Golden Grove Estate is aptly named as it is the most stunningly beautiful place to fish. Overlooked by romantic castle ruins along its length the Towy valley is actually quite wide here, comprising rich pasture interspersed with occasional traditional farmsteads. There is abundant bird and other wildlife as the river is well away from any main roads.

Formerly in the hands of Earls of Cawdor for generations, the Estate is now under new ownership and completely new management. A number of improvements have been carried out to improve access and the fishing, to include the purchase of Lord Dynveors water, and rods are now being strictly limited on each beat. A full time ghillie is employed to show rods the fishing and generally assist. One to one guides can be provided if required.

The fishery comprises some seven beats and extends to over nearly fourteen miles of double bank fishing.

On the whole vehicular access is excellent, often using the disused railway, and any walking is generally along grass banks and pasture.

The top four beats are considered the prime fishing and are available to let. They rotate on a daily basis which changes at 0700 hrs. Rods are strictly limited on these and you are spoilt for choice as to where to fish. 

Wading is required for night fishing and can be quite deep. However access down to the riverside is usually very easy and the wading is generally excellent, being on wide open water on a shingle base, although there can be odd larger stones and rocks, and occasional mud banks. At summer levels one can usually wade across the river at selected places. A ghillie is employed to show rods the fishing and generally assist. One to one guides can be provided if required.

Beats 1 and 2 are fished on a daily rotation.

Beat 1: Glanyrafon

Beat 1 - Glanyrafon, runs from Llandeilo Bridge down to Pentrecwn Farm. With Dynevor Castle on the skyline, it is approximately 2.75 km long and contains some nine pools including the Dragons Head. It has a formidable reputation for producing large sewin.

Beat 2: Cilsan

Beat 2 - Cilsan (pronounced 'Cilsane') continues for approximately 3.25km down to Cilsan Bridge. This beat also includes what was previously Lord Dynevors water and so is now all double bank. It contains the Whistle Pool, argued by some to be the best pool on the upper half of the river, and several classic long glides protected by good tree cover such as the Flats and College Pool.

Beats 3a & 3b: Ro-Fawr beats

Beats 3a and 3b are fished on a daily rotation.

Beat 3a - Upper Ro-Fawr and Beat 3b - Lower Ro-Fawr.

Upper Ro-Fawr is just over 2km long. It contains seven main pools, of which the best known is probably the Stakes, another classic glide that runs for several hundred yards.

Lower Ro-Fawr, is approximately 1.3km long and similarly has seven pools and good numbers of fish lie under the trees growing along the disused railway embankment.

On arrival at the fishery rods will be allocated their beats by the ghillie, allowing adaptability to conditions and greater flexibility.

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Golden Grove Estate fishings are amongst some of the best fishing to be had on the Towy.

14 miles DB
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