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Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda
Rivière Blanda

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Blanda boasts one of the country's highest salmon to grilse ratios and is also one of Iceland's earliest rivers.

A dam at a hydroelectric station near Blanda's headwaters has 'cleaned' Blanda up. The glacial silt that used to colour the river, now mostly sinks to the bottom of the man-made lake. As the power station uses the water it releases only 'cleaner' water down the canyon.

This has, over the past few years, strengthened Blanda's spawning stock tremendously and made the river far better for angling. Only in late August does the power station allow coloured water down the canyon, when the dam overflows.

The river has a fiver year average of 1,010 salmon for the 4 beats, with fish averaging over 10lbs.

The river is best fished with double-handed rods 13-15ft long, rated 9wt - 11wt.

Recommended flies are Arctic Runner, Hitch tubes, Sunrise Shadow, Monroe Killer, Red Francis tube, Black Frances tube and the new Lax-a fly. 1-2" tubes and flies in size 6-12.

For non-anglers, there are sightseeing trips from Blanda Lodge to Skagafjordur, the Island of Drangey, the Hofsos migration museum, white river rafting from Laugarfell and much more.

The Blanda Lodge is one of Iceland's finest with 12 double bedrooms, all with private bathrooms. This is a very exclusive lodge with lounge, bar, dining room, sauna and jacuzzies.

The river Blanda is a very long beat divided into 4 different sections:

Beat 1

Highly productive beat, fished by 4 rods. Annual catches from 600 to 1000 salmon for the 4 rods. In July, Beats 1 and 2 are fished in combination. The best spring fishing in Iceland is for sure at Beat 1 on Blanda which has gained a reputation for being Iceland' most consistent June river.

Large, 2WS salmon sometimes begin to ascend the river as early as in late May providing the most exciting spring fly fishing in the country. The fishing stays good throughout July until early August.

Beat 2

On Beat 2, up in the valley, you will find endless fly water. July and early August is the best time for Beat 2 on Blanda.

The beat is 22km long and fished only with 4 rods. Annual catch is 150-400 salmon. The beat is mainly fished in combination with beat 1 but can be booked separately in June.

Beat 3

This beat is 18km long and only fished with 3 rods. There is plenty of space for each angler and it offers an economical alternative to other beats.

The annual catch is 100-200 salmon during prime time in July and the first few days of August.

The fishing comes with a comfortable self catering lodge with space for up to 8 people. 

Beat 4

A really exciting 3-rod beat with 18 pools for over 20km of all kind of water; fast water, slow water, canyons etc.

This is a tributary of the Blanda river, gin clear and so long that there are pools where no one has been for days.

This beat is for the adventurous angler who likes to walk and explore new and untouched pools. The beat is quite challenging but the keen angler is often rewarded with good catches.

The salmon are known to be extremely powerful and mean fighters because of the long journey up difficult waterfalls and strong currents in the river. Prime time is July until early August and the annual catch is from 120 to 200 salmon for these few weeks.

The accommodation is in a comfortable self catering lodge with 3 twin rooms, 2 living rooms and a large kitchen. 

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