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2 boats with 2 rods and 4 bank fishing rods

Price range £50 - £125 rod/day

Boat Fishing ticket: The price is per boat but you can fish two rods from a boat, one fly fishing the other spin fishing. Depending on the conditions you can enjoy fly-fishing or spinning from the anchored boat or harling if the river is high. You will be guided all day by your ghillie.

Bank Fishing ticket: bank or wading without a personal ghillie. At the start of the day a ghillie will advise you on the best suited places to fish and tackle depending on the conditions.

.Dunked House fishing is situated immediately up stream of Thomas Telford's 200 year old bridge.
The beat is set in stunning surroundings with 2 miles double bank, with Dunkeld Cathedral overlooking the fabulous Cathedral Stream which is classic fly water, with
17 named pools that suit both fly fishing, spinning and, itís easy to understand why this beat is so popular with visiting River Tay salmon fishers.

Salmon of 30lbs plus have been landed on Dunkeld House in recent years and in 2014 was a particularly good spring35 in April,76 in May, 53 in June, and 31 in july were caught.
Dunkeld House Hotel is ideally located in the middle of the beat, with 4 star facilities, set in its own arboretum of magnificent trees
Water conditions permitting, two boats and 2 ghillies work the beat, offering every type of Salmon Fishing for our guests' enjoyment.

We can offer tuition for the novice and informative advice on flies/lures/lines etc for those that require if needed.

We can accommodate up to 4 bank anglers daily on the beat, with up to a further 4 rods boat fishing, 2 in each boat.

Fishing normally commences for all rods at 9am, we would ask all anglers to try and get to us by 8-45am,so we can have time to show the bank anglers the water and best advise, give help on best method and tackle for height of water, before the boat goes out with it's clients ,all rods have a chance to fish rested pools.
For safety reasons only one person can fly fish from the boat at a time.

The use of both banks allows the angler access to uncongested water even in lower water conditions, but nearly all bank angling is from the left bank.

Boat fishing has to be booked for two people fishing in the same boat. If only one person wants to fish, they still have to pay for both rods to cover the cost of the ghillie and boat provided. For safety reasons only one person can fly fish from a boat at any given time, for the safety of all concerned!!
Lunch is between 1&2pm with all rods off the water for that hour.
We will endeavour to do our best to help you get a fish and enjoy your visit


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