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Week of Species Rent/day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Notes

Mar 5th as st50 6666 66- D2
Mar 12th as st50 6666 56- D2

Mar 26th as st50 6464 --- D2
Apr 2nd as st75 2-46 66- D2
Apr 9th as st85 4444 44- D2
Apr 16th as st90 4445 33- D2
Apr 23rd as st110 6666 33- D2
Apr 30th as st115 111- ---Min 3d1r D2
May 7th as st120 6663 33- D2
May 14th as st120 --14 11- D2

Jun 11th as st125 ---4 43- D2

Jul 9th as st135 4424 42- D2

Jul 23rd as st260 2322 23- D2
Jul 30th as st350 3332 33- D2
Aug 6th as st350 4446 66- D2

Aug 27th as st600 2222 22- D2
Sep 3rd as st600 1111 11- D2
Sep 10th as st600 4444 44- D2
Sep 17th as st600 2222 22- D2

Oct 22nd as st500 6666 66- D2
Oct 29th as st350 6666 66- D2
Nov 5th as st250 6666 66- D2
Nov 12th as st150 6666 66- D2
Nov 19th as st100 6666 66- D2
Nov 26th as st75 6666 6-- D2

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  "This beat provides exceptional value for money; considering the season a one-to-one ghillie in a boat is truly exceptional. I will return."

"Extremely enjoyable day all round."

"Excellent, very professional, a pleasure to fish the beat.."

"An outstanding day!"