System Status


We have just completed all the major work involved in moving away from our old site onto our new site.

Thank you for your patience whilst we have done all this

This page is to help you understand better what has been involved in the change, and for you to see what issues we are still working on, and even to raise any new ones with us.

Why did we have to change sites?

The old site was based on databases and code developed nearly 20 years ago and which are no longer supported by their providers, nor would they run on the modern server platforms we needed to move to. Also the old web page design did not work well with many mobile phones, which are now the majority of the devices using the site.

Why has it taken so long?

The old site had nearly 10,000 pages to change and because many of our services are free we cannot afford more than one full time IT person. This has necessitated running the old site and the new site at the same time, to maintain services whilst the work was done, and only recently did we get back to one site again, which is much easier to manage.

What issues are we still working on?

UPDATE - Noon Thu 8th March - Our secure server is now up and running and seems to be settling down well now. If this final move causes any issues, do please let us know.

This is the last major change to be made, so proper stability should return now. Thank you again for your patience whilst these changes have been carried out and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  • Weekly catch tables on river sites to be made clearer and have totals for the ‘week so far’ and also for ‘last week’.   DONE
  • River levels issues with the 24 hours graph.   FIXED (but small labelling issue with last reading still to sort)
  • Till river levels to be included on the Tweed river levels page.   DONE
  • Previously only the booking and control panel pages were on a secure server, now the whole site is to operate on a secure server.   DONE
  • Largest salmon and Sea trout pages for the season so far
  • Water Colour and temperature graphs for the rivers that have someone to text us the relevant figures each day
  • General tidying up of page layouts to make them easier to view/read on as many platforms as possible

Do you have any issues not covered here?

We welcome constructive feedback from site users, providing that it is understood that there is a limit to what a small company can provide without having to introduce charges, which none of us want!

If you have an issue to report, please first make sure you have:

  • An up to date browser otherwise you may have problems with the modern code we are using and the layouts may look odd.   Check your browser is up to date here

  • Cleared your browser cache so you are seeing the latest version of our relevant page and not one that your device picked up some time ago and is unhelpfully still giving you instead!   How to clear your cache

Only after doing the above, use this form to report any remaining issues


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