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February 2021 - No.4

Dee at Cairnton and Middle Blackhall Beat 14th February.

The weather has affected those able to fish this month. We've seen temperatures reach new record lows, including yellow weather warnings of snow and now heavy rain has seen many rivers burst their banks. Today there are currently 71 flood alerts active in England, Scotland 28 and Wales 15.

Banks burst on Tweed at Kelso further down at Upper North Wark the river is at 10ft.

Thank you to everyone using the Help Desk. We appreciate that some of you would like to speak to us instead of writing a message, the office phone line is open Monday to Friday from 1pm till 2pm on 01573 470612.

Tight lines

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25th February 2021

River Tweed

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Borders Gunroom are still open, but please contact them prior to arrival.

For those of you who have been following various Tweed Boatmen and beats across social media channels, you will be aware that the river is absolutely massive right now and the colour of mud. The snow melt in these milder conditions has really seen a shift in snow from the hills and from the top reaches, through all of the tributaries water and debris is making it's way out to sea.

I'm afraid even those living locally who could fish the river, will unlikely be back fishing for at least 3 or 4 days until the river is back in decent conditions. The big question on everybody's mind is will we see a run of fresh silver on the back of all of this? Lets hope so and get the season well and truly under way for those able to get back out.

Anglers are planning trips for summer and autumn on Tweed - find fishing.

River Tay

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First spring salmon caught by Gerry Rattrey on Catholes Beat 15th February.

The mild weather came at a cost as from midweek onwards huge amounts of snow started to melt and water levels started to rise rapidly. During the second half of the week, the river was unfishable and huge. Heavy rain on Thursday and Friday made the situation worse and the Tay system was in flood by the weekend.

In spite of the extreme conditions, there were two fish caught from the Tay system last week. It was good to see the first fish come off Loch Tay - read more.

10 pound springer caught by Grant Tigwell on Loch Tay 17th February.

Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board Annual Public Meeting Tuesday, 23rd March 2021 at 7pm via Zoom. This meeting is open to the public – please contact Inga MacGillivray, Clerk to the Board at [email protected] - read more.

River Spey

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The thaw really set in this week. It was surprising how quickly the low ground turned green and by midday on Monday the river was rising. It continued to rise all week, culminating in a big water of around 8ft on Sunday. The big water was mainly due to snow melt, the Spey missed the rain that fell further south. I say that the river was about 8ft as the SEPA gauges are still out of action following the Cyber attack they experienced just before Christmas. In order to provide some information for those anglers unfortunate not to live close to the river we have been posting daily information about river heights, colour etc via social media - read more.


River Dee

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Andrew Pownall and Ewan Maclachlan landed Crathes Castle's fish 15th February.

The week started with a few nice springers from Crathes Castle and Invery & Tilquhillie. Then all the snow melted, and we had a flood, which put a stop to fishing. The river was dangerously high by the weekend, which I am sure gave many of us a Storm Frank flashback. Thankfully, it didn't reach the ruinous water levels we experienced back then, but it was concerning nonetheless. There is debris strewn across the riverbank and the ghillies will be spending a lot of time clearing their beats so that they are ready to go once the water subsides - read more.


Would you like to fish up to seven Dee beats in 24 hours and in doing so help raise funds for the River Dee Trust? This unique event starts Friday 25th June at 22.00 hours on the River Dee at Banchory Lodge, ready to start fishing at 23.00 hours which will take you into Saturday 26th June - read more.

The following Dee beats Altries, Tilbouries, Middle Drum, Crathes Castle, L. Blackhall & Banchory, Sluie, Commonty are taking part in the FishDee24 event -read more.

River Tyne

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Congratulations Gordon Black (pictured) who has caught the first fish on the River Coquet. He was fishing Northumbrian Anglers Federation Waters. The fish weighed at 14lb 6 oz and was caught on Garry tube.

Conditions on the Tyne since the start of the season have been unfavourable and as yet no fish have been reported, though with very little pressure and conditions as they have been that doesn't tell us much. Best bets for an early fish will be below Riding Mill with Bywell, Styford, Eltringham and the Wylam area all likely spots - read more.

The latest guidance on Conservation Angling for Salmon on the Tyne (CAST) can be found at here and has been adopted by many Tyne beats and syndicates.

Anglers wishing to fish the Tyne, availability for 2021 season has now been added. Find Fishing.

River Spey Anglers Association


The RSAA, through its Committee and volunteer coaches, organises a number of events each year encompassing fly fishing for stillwater and river trout and salmon. These have been very successful in recent years, and many youngsters have become competent anglers in their own right as a result. We also encourage anglers to tie their own flies and we organise a very well attended Fly Tying Fair each year, as well as providing tuition in fly tying skills - read more.

Membership fees are critical for the continuation of our voluntary work on your behalf and we do hope you will take this opportunity join us in 2021. Membership fees are £20 for an individual member and £28 for joint membership. Juniors, under 16, are free - read more.

Ghillie Position River Tay

A rarely available opportunity for an experienced and enthusiastic ghillie.

Scone Estates are seeking an experienced fishing ghillie to provide a professional ghillie service on the Scone Palace, River Tay Fishponds beat. The beat saw catch returns of 184 salmon & grilse in 2021 and has the benefit of a well appointed, purpose built, fishing hut - read more.

If you would like an informal chat about the role please call the Estate on 01738 554920.
Please see the Scone Palace website for a detailed job description.