Atlantic Salmon Trust Auction
Atlantic Salmon Trust Auction
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November 2020

That planned trip across the Border for one last cast this month has been placed on hold again. For myself it was the chance to catch up for the first time this year with two of my fishing buddies and fish the river Tweed but those plans are now on hold to catch up next year and have a cast on a salmon river in January.

Please visit our help centre for the latest updates on fishing during Coronavirus. If you are in an area with fewer restrictions you will find that there is some fishing still available in Scotland on the site, but please check the level your area is in prior to booking. In England we have some grayling and coarse fishing available, again please check your local restrictions. Find fishing.

During the last seven days more owners have been adding 2021 fishing to the FishPal site. If you want to be one of the first people to see the latest fishing availability, you can request a rod alert which emails you when fishing is added for a river or area. You can also update and remove unwanted alerts, just go to the angler login page and you will find information on your alerts, bookings, feedback etc.

If you would like to speak to a member of staff, please visit our Help Desk. Alternatively you can call Monday to Friday from 1pm till 2pm on 01573 470612 and speak to a member of staff.

Tight lines

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11th November 2020

Atlantic Trust Auction

Lot 69. Salmon fishing on the River Lyon including accommodation. The Lyon is where Tom Buchanan caught his Malloch Trophy winning fish.

With over 100 incredible lots, including fishing, shooting, fishing accessories and some wonderfully unique wildlife art, there's definitely something for everyone in this year's Atlantic Salmon Trust auction.

The Trust are also holding a prize draw for a Limited Edition Loop International Year of the Salmon Classic reel. Only 200 have been made and the reels retail at £720, it has to be worth a shot at £25 per entry - read more.


The Atlantic Salmon Trust exists solely for the protection of wild salmon and sea trout. All monies raised will go directly towards supporting the Trust's aim of putting #WildSalmonFirst.

The online auction will close at 21:00 hrs on November 18th.

Letter From America

Rick with one of his fish from the Big Horn river.

Greetings to readers of the FishPal newsletter from California.

In late August of this year, a rare electrical storm moving over the northern half of California, produced thousands of lightning strikes, igniting what has now become the most destructive fire season in Californian history.

The smoke made most outdoor activities unsafe, including flyfishing in the high Sierra Nevada mountains. All four of my California flyfishing trips this summer were cancelled due to Covid and fire restrictions.

In September, I flew to Montana and fished the clear waters of the Big Horn River. The Big Horn River is a 1,900-kilometer drive from where I live in California, and even that far away, there were signs of smoke high above me - read more.


River Dee Auction


The River Dee Trust has launched its biggest ever online auction with some unique and exciting lots coming under the hammer. The auction will raise funds to support the Trust's crucial work in river restoration, salmon research and education.

Bidders can snap up some bargains in time for Christmas, such as the chance to win a bath full of yoghurt, commissioning your own bagpipe tune, an opportunity to visit a past era with a luxury pony picnic, glamping at Glen Dye, an exclusive tour of Her Majesty's Pony Stud at Balmoral as well as fishing on the Dee, Tweed, Thurso and Stinchar, and much more - read more.

Great Salmon Rods Book


Iain Ogden has fished the Dee and Spey for over 50 years and during this time he has befriended countless anglers, ghillies, factors, and lairds all privy to a wealth of salmon angling knowledge which inspired the ‘Great Rod' concept.

Material from factor's offices, castle libraries and estate mansions revealed total numbers of salmon caught, details of monster fish, record bags and photographs of note on each protagonist. With a host of amusing stories and anecdotes, this fully illustrated book is limited to 500, numbered and signed by the Iain. Read more.

This book is an ideal Christmas gift for anglers.

AST Tracking Projects

The Atlantic Salmon Trust goal is to understand who, or what is responsible for this catastrophic decline in salmon and catalyse the actions needed to reverse it.

The Moray Firth Tracking Project and the West Coast Tracking Project are investigating what happens on the salmon's journey from river to sea, and identifying steps we can take to increase the rate of survival.

Moray Firth Tracking Project - initial results suggest that around half of our smolts are going missing in action as they move down our rivers - read more.

West Coast Tracking Project - only by pulling together research and resources can they secure a sustainable future for wild Atlantic salmon. The AST team is working in partnership with Marine Scotland and Fisheries Management Scotland, to make this project happen.

The West Coast Tracking Project will not happen in isolation. There are other major initiatives currently taking place across the UK, such as SeaMonitor and COMPASS, as well as others run by Marine Scotland, NatureScot and the Zoological Society of London. Crucially, the tags and receivers across these projects are all compatible with one another. This means salmon will be detected on all of the arrays, which will lead to a far greater understanding of how these fish are moving out to sea - read more.

To support the work of the Atlantic Salmon Trust you can make a donation here and/or visit their 2020 Auction.

Catch Returns

When you book a fishing permit with FishPal we always send you a customer feedback request at the end of your trip. We ask for your comments and also your catches whether you were successful or not. This feedback is hugely important for fisheries that do not have a ghillie or guide.

You can check your feedback score and comments within your angler login details on FishPal. If you need a feedback form resending please email Anne at [email protected].

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