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Newsletter July 2018 - No. 24

A person holding an umbrella has just walked past my window!

Has the wet stuff arrived just a day after St Swithin's Day? According to folklore he is the saint responsible for relentless rain for 40 days and 40 nights. Much needed rainfall is falling in some areas of the UK which will hopefully reduce the temperature and encourage the salmon and sea trout waiting in their respective estuaries to enter.

Salmon leaping in the Upper Ness.

From data collected at the Met Office since 1981, Scotland has seen on average between 10 to 15 days of rainfall during August and the north of England 10 to 12 days. Towards the end of this week forecasters are indicating we will see some showers Thursday and Friday. The weather will turn increasingly changeable on Friday, with some rain affecting northern parts. Latest Rain.

Mark visiting the Big Laxa yesterday.

This week Mark Cockburn is in Iceland catching up with Jón Sigurðsson. Jón is based in Reykjavik and is the FishIceland expert on the ground. Mark says "The rain has been falling in Iceland and the rivers are looking perfect".

If you would like to go fishing for all species of trout, sea trout and salmon in the UK, Ireland and Iceland give the team at FishPal a call on 01573 470612. The site has everything for those who are new to the sport along with fishing for more experienced anglers. We have places to stay, tackle shops, guides and instructors. Everything for a successful fishing trip.

Fin & Game are seeking feedback from FishPal customers in a short online survey, which will take less than 60 seconds to fill out. By doing so it will give you a chance to win a £100 Fin & Game voucher and a £100 FishPal Fishing voucher. Please support this online survey.

Have a wonderful week whatever you are doing and don't forget, if you are out fishing keep sending in your river photos.


A tide fresh Ness salmon, July, 12th.

It's been a day laced with silver on the River Ness today (July 13) as members of Inverness Angling Club finally landed some fresh-run summer salmon.

Arthur Ferguson had an astounding, hour long contest with what proved to be a massive 25lb sea-liced salmon attracted by a size 10 Silver Stoat. The fish was released and, despite the length of the struggle, swam away strongly. Said Arthur: "Friday the 13th is certainly lucky for some."

Also on the Little Isle pool, Davey Dyce had the good fortune to hook and land a six pound grilse on a three inch black and orange Devon minnow. Hopefully, more catches will come as the intensity of the summer sun wanes and anglers welcome cloud and rain.

Keep Them Wet


Increasingly across social media, it now seems to be the norm to show a fish whether it's fresh or saltwater high out of the water.

Can we remind everyone to take great care when handling your fish, even foregoing photographs to keep the fish in the water - read more.

When taking a photograph of your catch, do remember fish have the best chance of survival if kept in the river.

Catch and release leaflet.

Please take a moment to watch this short film on catch and release for salmon.

Tweed Syndicate Rod


Norham Castle Syndicate Rods.
Pedwell, Norham Approximately 1.5 miles on the English side of the River Tweed. The beat lies immediately above and below Norham Bridge and Norham Castle. Saturday syndicate rod available. £350 for one Saturday per month from June until the end of the season. Contact Mike Heaps for more information on 07879 895883

Gone Fishing


If you have not yet watched Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing on Wednesday evening on BBC2 then you are in for a treat - read more.

Comedians and lifelong friends Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse share their personal and hilarious life experiences while travelling around the UK fishing for elusive species.

European Union

In the FishPal inbox this week we received an email from The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. They are seeking your thoughts on the future of fisheries.

Leaving the European Union provides an opportunity to move away from the Common Fisheries Policy and to create policies that are sustainable, responsible and responsive - read more.

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Fin And Game

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Fin And Game Survey

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Fish Dee

Keep them wet.

Chatting to Ross Macdonald this morning, he said that there are fish out in the estuary waiting for the rain to move into the system.

When the rain does arrive, I am sure we will be back in the saddle. There are fish ready to run but we must endure this frustrating wait for a while longer - read more.


As part of the River Dee efforts to encourage youngsters into fishing, they are holding a special event at Crathes Castle, who have kindly donated all four rods on Saturday 15 September.

Big Fish, Little Fish, is a free days fishing where an adult brings a youngster (strictly 12+) to the beat for the day to share a cast on the river - read more.

If you would like to fish the River Dee before it closes on Monday 15th October, please visit the NEW Fish Dee website. If you are new to the river, or would like to experience another beat, then give Tom a call in the office on 01573 470612.

Tweed Salmon Course


TweedGuide will be hosting introduction to salmon fishing on the River Tweed on Wednesday, August 29th. The prices includes all equipment permits and a shared guide (one guide to two guests) - read more.

News In Brief

Isle of Hebrides. Mr Clough from Yorkshire enjoyed a days fishing on Flodabay (Loch a Chlachain and Locha Dubha) with 10 brown trout all on traditional wet fly patterns. The price of a day permit for trout is £9.00 - read more.

Findhorn. Rain arrived last week, just enough to encourage some fresh fish to move upstream from the lower river beats and the sea pool into some of the Altyre beats and pools, where fish were seen running! - read more.

Annan. The long-term forecast suggests that we will enjoy good sea trout fishing conditions into next week with warm, settled evenings - read more.

The River Nith are holding two introduction to fishing events during July. Dates are Tuesday 10th and 24th - read more.

River Conon

Scott Ramsey playing a fish off the tide.

Dingwell & District Angling Club. It's been looking really positive with some nice runs of grilse and sea trout coming in with each tide. Hopefully it continues - read more.

Clipped fin.

If you fish on the River Conon please check any salmon you catch for signs of the adipose fin having being clipped (circled in the photo). If you catch one, please retain it and contact the water bailiffs as these fish are tagged. Details on the board's web site.

Sea Creatures UK Tour


A world record breaking whale is set to make its first ever visit to Europe as part of this summer's Sea Creatures exhibition.

The Minke whale, affectionately called Hai Hai was the first ocean mammal ever to undergo the complex plastination process developed by Gunther von Hagens in 1997 and made famous by Britpop artist Damien Hirst read more.

Ladies Days


FishPal would like to encourage more ladies to try fishing this year.

This coming weekend Middle Pavilion on Tweed, are hosting a 2 day ladies event, fund raising for Casting For Recovery UK & Ireland - read more.

Saturday 1st September ladies of all abilities will be fishing the River Ness under the guidance of Scott Mackenzie, David Mateer and Inverness Angling Club. All monies raised will go to the Highland Hospice - read more.

Friday 7th September the River Dee Damsels are hosting a ladies day on Invery/Tilquhillie beat. All proceeds will go to supporting North East Sensory Services - read more.

October. Brian Towers of Yorkshire Fly Casting has added another day to the popular ladies salmon day on the River Ure. Dates are now Monday 8th & 9th - read more.