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Newsletter May 2018 - No. 18

Anglers from across the globe travel to our shores for the king of fish, the rich heritage and the warm welcome.

This week we received an email from Laura from the USA who was fishing the Dee with her children on Crathie beat with Archie the ghillie. They hooked one but the fish broke the line and escaped.

Archie at his fly tying vice, tying a Crathie fly.

She said "We wish we could fish with Archie every week! He is very knowledgeable, kind and helpful. The young people thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the day with Archie" Her son also knew more about fly fishing, farming and history of the royal family than he had learned studying the three topics in college in the USA.

There are a lot of ghillies and guides out there who are unsung heroes, going above and beyond to make your fishing experience the best possible. Please keep sending in your feedback from your fishing trips.

Now the weather is starting to improve and the longer evenings are allowing us the opportunity to cast a line after work, you might be considering where's the best places to try this Summer.

If you would like some help and advice on where to fish, including where to take the family fishing please do give the office a call on 01573 470612 or visit the FishPal website for where to fish and places to stay, along with the latest fishing reports, catches and river levels.

This week sees the opening of salmon rivers in Iceland and Norway and we would like to wish our customers the very best who are casting a line on them.


29th May 2018

Fathers Day

Fathers Day falls on Sunday 17th June, so let's make sure Dad is treated to a special Fathers Day present. We have a great range of gift ideas at FishPal to remind him of your favourite memories together.

The joy of sitting in a boat and seeing fish jump.

We have fishing permits and guided days for salmon, wild brown trout, rainbow trout and sea trout in the UK and Iceland.

If you're spoilt for choice, we do have over 175,000 fishing permits on our site, give Tom a call in the office. If you don't have a date in mind do consider buying a FishPal gift voucher so the recipient can choose exactly where and when they would like to go.

The Hidden Gem

This week our hidden gem is the water of the Rivers Teith and Forth. If your fishing trip takes you on to the M9 then you will pass over the Forth at the Stirling junction.


Read the latest feedback from anglers who have fished the water during last week.

"This place was great to fish. The banks are wide and allowed plenty of room for fly fisherman. Not only was the staff great, but the folks we met on the river were extremely friendly and helpful."

Huge congratulations to Alex who caught his first salmon on the River Forth.

"Scott Mason provided exceptional customer service to ensure we were well-prepared for our day on the water. The staff was wonderful. They provided information on the river, flies, and even some instruction on where on the river to fish."

If you would like to fish the Forth or Teith please visit the website and/or give Tom a call in the office on 01573 470612

Fish The Tay

The Lower river saw some better catches last week especially at Islamouth where the influence of the Isla has an undoubted benefit with now lower river levels.

Mr. Jeff Cooper fishing Islamouth.

The jewel in the Tay crown, Islamouth had 23 in the week, including a day of 6 fish up to 15 pounds all caught on fly. Richard Collet's party had 11 for three days, including 2 fish of 8 and 11 pounds for 94 year old Mr. Jeff Cooper - read more.

The Middle river enjoyed excellent water conditions despite some bright days throughout the week and fish continued to appear as they moved steadily up stream. The Murthly beats and Glendelvine amassed 10 in the week up 17 pounds with Tony Black's rotation having 7 of them.


The spring salmon are now going up the Isla with fish caught recently and on the lower Ericht the Blairgowrie Angling Club - read more.

Visit FishTay to find out everything you need to know about fishing the river or give the office a call on 01573 470612.

Insure Your Fishing

You can now insure your fishing with Fishpal. What is covered? Flooding disruption, personal property, personal inability to fish, trip cancellation by you due to unavoidable events beyond your control - read more.

Fish The Dee

Maïlys Billet fishing Dinnet with Twinpeakes Fly Fishing.

We begin the week in the grip of bright blue skies and blazing sunshine. It's lots of fun for non-fishers, but for the rest of us it's a bit of pain. We all like a bit of sunshine, but I prefer mine on Sundays. Accordingly, much fishing on the River has been early and late - the sensible choice. Evening fishing has been mixed - on cloudless days when the sun goes off the water the temperature drops like a stone. The river finished on 47, the largest at Crathie of 16lbs - read more.

Commando tactics will be the order of the day. In these conditions, a considered and stealthy approach could be the key factor; as Ian Murray often says, lots of fish are lost before a fly is cast. A floating line and long leader, paired with a small Silver Stoat or Crathie will be a good starting point. Give the small fly an extended go, but always be prepared to ring the changes. A Sunray or Frances could be a good plan B - read more.

If you would like to know more about fishing the River Dee please call the office on 01573 470612. Check the latest Dee availability.

Congratulations from everyone at FishPal to Terry Paton, who has taken on the head ghillie job at Cairnton and Middle Blackhall. Terry has returned to the river after spending a few years as under ghillie at Bywell on the Tyne.

John Rocha In Varzuga


"It couldn't be world famous fashion designer John Rocha could it, out fishing on Russia's Varzuga river? Yes it could. Rather a bruising salmon, beautifully marked" says Henry Giles - read more.

River Tyne Success For Robson Green


Huge congratulations from everyone at FishPal to Robson Green with his first fly caught, River Tyne Springer on Warden Beat last week.

With low river levels Robson used a small size 16 Black and Claret micro fly on a long leader with a slow figure of eight retrieve. The fish measured at 30 inches (making it around 10lbs in weight ) before being carefully returned to continue it's journey.

Robson Green said "A magnificent and majestic angling moment that I shall never forget ...from now on every fish I catch will be a bonus".

If you would like to fish the river Tyne, England's number one salmon river please give Tom a call in the office on 01573 470612 and/or check the latest availability.

12 Year Salmon Agreement


The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) and the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) have signed new agreements with commercial fishermen in Greenland and the Faroe Islands that will protect thousands of adult wild Atlantic salmon from commercial nets and longlines, allowing them to return to North American and European rivers

"Significantly reducing the harvest of wild Atlantic salmon on their ocean feeding grounds is meaningful and decisive, not only for salmon conservation, but also for global biodiversity and the health of our rivers and oceans," said ASF President Bill Taylor - read more.

Fish The Tweed

The week started off with a bit of cloud cover and a lot cooler which seemed to help, especially on Wednesday when 22 fish were landed. Most fish caught were sea liced fish, so hopefully a few more are now starting to appear - read more.

Mr. Lachlain enjoying looking at his fish after 7 years of trying.

Below Coldstream 23 fish were reported, Tweedhill had the best of the fishing with 8 fish landed, while on the Horncliffe bank 4 were landed and a few lost. Tillmouth also picked away landing 5 for the week - read more.

9lb fresh salmon on Lower Birgham for Hugh Anderson 23rd May

Tweedguide are hosting their first salmon course this coming Saturday, 2nd June. The day includes everything you need to know and equipment is provided including waders, rods, reels, flies etc - read more.

Tom Carter is in the office Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and can offer advice on where to go fishing on Tweed. Give him a call on (+44) 01573 470612. Visit Tweed fishing availability.

Stevie Norris of Tweedguide caught this stunning trout on the Upper Tweed at the weekend.

Sea Trout Festival Update


More rivers and fisheries are signing up to this years Seatrout Festival. There are plenty of permits available for anglers wishing to take part.

It is simple to get a place. All you need to do is contact the person who is hosting it by clicking this link. For example if you would like to fish Dalswinton beat on the River Nith you need to contact Andy Edgar by clicking this link.

Each week as more fisheries are contacting us to take part the list will be updated. A note for fishery owners, it is not too late to register your fishing if you would like to join us, give me a call on 01573 470612 or email me at to register your fishery or beat.

Fishing Reports

Iain Richmond 11lber, Saturday, Dochfour, River Ness.

We understand that up to date information on the rivers we report for is key to helping you decide which tactics to use along with any last minute fishing trips - latest reports.

Cumbria Rivers: Certainly quite a few fish have come in this month, with the low water, bright conditions and persistent east wind, early and late fishing is the order of the day. Sea trout numbers are building nicely - read more.

Mr Harvey fishing Junction on Tweed returning his fish today.

We also appreciate your feedback whether it's on the telephone or in one of our feedback forms. By sharing your fishing information this helps everyone.

Thank you to Mr. Clark who gave us the following feedback on a recent trip to the River Spey on Grantown Association Water. "One is always at the mercy of the weather on a pre-booked fishing trip. On this occasion, I should have booked for golf instead! The weather was beautiful with low clear water and blue clear skies - not ideal for wrinkling out a salmon. My spey casting improved but in the process I probably scared away the few fish I saw moving. Had the opportunity presented itself, perhaps night fishing for sea trout may have been more productive. The bird life was fascinating and the hatch of flies on the water on the 23rd May was the largest I had ever seen with tens of millions. The trout had a field day and were too satisfied to go for my imitations which I tried in exasperation for the last two hours of my last day. However, a fish on a fishing trip is always a bonus! The experience was most enjoyable and whilst the river was non-productive, I got everything I needed in Granton-on-Spey and the staff at Mortimers were most welcoming and helpful"

Brand Ambassadors Wanted

Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle are looking for Brand Ambassadors to help take their brand to the next level

They are seeking likeminded people who "get" the Gordon Castle story with a bit of spare time on their hands - read more.

Latest Fishing

Discover the latest fishing added every day to the FishPal site. The Latest Fishing page lists fishing added to our database. Today we have over 175,000 day permits available on our site - find fishing.

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