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Newsletter May 2018 - No. 17

"Sometimes I'm tired after a full days work and just want to lay on the sofa and relax. Then I think how much my son benefits from fishing and remember how relaxing fishing actually is to me."

Fishing mum is a single parent who goes fishing with her son.

How many of us feel like Fishing Mum? The benefits of 'blue space' including sea, rivers, lakes and even urban water can have a positive impact on everyone's wellbeing.

If you are looking for places to go fishing during the coming week please take a look at the FishPal website. If you are new to fishing or would like to try somewhere different, please give the office a call on 01573 470612. We are just a phone call away from your next fishing trip.

Will you be casting a line this weekend?

Tight Lines

22nd May 2018

The Hidden Gem

One of the wild brown trout Byron caught.

We mentioned last week that Fetternear on the River Don have now beaten their 2017 Spring salmon total.

The Don is also famous for some seriously beautiful wild brown trout. The river is a hidden gem and is regularly fished by angling royalty.

Byron McGaw contacted FishPal this week with some super photographs of the fish he had caught on Monymusk. He said "The weather was mixed with a few insects hatching."

If you would like to find out more about fishing the River Don please visit FishDon. Our team in the office can advise where to fish and stay.

Fish The Hebrides

FishPal's Gail Tunnah fishing Finsbay Isle of Harris with Alex Mackinnon.

Whether you are a solitary angler, form part of a larger group or are simply looking for a tranquil family vacation, the Outer Hebrides is a game anglers dream location.

We have just added availability for the Carloway Angling Club on the Isle of Lewis. The club enjoys 2.5 miles of river, with 3 main salmon lochs. Trout fishing is available in 15 smaller lochs - read more.

The weather didn't stop Anne and Gail having a super time fishing.

Finsbay, Flodabay and Stockinish permits on the Isle of Harris offer the visiting angler 102 lochs to fish for salmon, trout and sea trout from sea pools to hill lochs and lochans. For non anglers the Harris Tweed Shop and Harris Distillery sit side by side in Tarbert and are just two of the attractions on the island. Harris has something for everyone - read more.

If you would like to fish the Outer Hebrides please visit FishHebrides. Give the office a call on 01573 470612 for places to fish and where to stay when visiting this beautiful chain of islands.

Sea Trout Fishing

Keith Robson explaining the river to a new member.

Bishop Auckland Angling Club will be joining the FishPal Sea Trout Festival on Friday & Saturday 29th/30th June.

Anglers fishing their stretch of water last year had a great evening with one seatrout caught at 3lb fresh into the river, by a angler that had only ever fished for wild brown trout.

The guides/instructors said that he took to night fishing like a duck to water. You can now book fishing permits for the River Wear online.

Fish The Spey

Will Haggas with a fish off Orton.

Well there were a few. Gordon Castle had three. Craigellachie were possibly the best beat on the river with four. Grantown Association water also had three salmon.

Abernethy and Aviemore came up trumps this week with seatrout seen and caught. Arthur Lee caught a seatrout on a dry fly during the day. It just goes to show that seatrout fishing on the Spey is not just for nightfall. Alan Riach was broken by a large fish on Tuesday night but redeemed himself on Friday night by landing in his words, "a clonker of a fish" - read more.

If you would like to know more about fishing the River Spey please call the office on 01573 470612. Check the latest Spey availability.

Fish The Dee


"It's the time of year when I move on from complaining about it being too cold, to complaining about sunshine and rainfall - too much of one and not enough of the other. Some cloud and rain would be just the ticket! The catch was seventy eight last week, spread out from Park to Crathie" says Dee Reporter Ross Macdonald.


The fish seem to be running hard now and some are arriving in the upper beats with lice on them - read more.

If you would like to know more about fishing the River Dee please call the office on 01573 470612. Check the latest Dee availability.

New Appointment


Dr Lorraine Hawkins has been appointed to succeed Mark Bilsby as the River Director for the two organisations that manage the River Dee - the Dee Salmon Fishery Board and the River Dee Trust.

Lorraine has been managing the Trust and leading the tracking work that follows juvenile salmon from the river into the sea, which has attracted international interest - read more.


Caledonia Fly Company


Designed by Iain Wilson from Borders Gunroom, this bottle tube is a proven fish catcher over many years for lots of anglers, with stunning movement in all types of water.

Gledswood Tosh Bottle Tube

With summer fishing heading our way and water temperature starting to head towards the 50 degrees mark, the fish are willing to move up for a fly in the water table. Small tube flies are far more fashionable these days and when you pick between a dressed double or a small tube fly it is totally your preference and they will do the same job. Movement is crucial and staying on heavy tubes can hinder your catch rate. Always be above the fish rather than below - read more.

We are all looking forward to some fantastic summer fishing.

Fish Photographs


We asked Phil Adams from the Northumberland Branch of the Salmon & Trout Conservation to write a few words about how he now takes photographs of the fish he catches.

It is straightforward to take excellent pictures when fishing with another angler, or even an onlooker, without stressing the fish. Of course you should follow the advice and keep the fish in or just above the water, handling them for the minimum time and supporting them appropriately.


However when you are alone this is more challenging. I surprised myself by the success I had last season holding the salmon by the tail, the whole fish in the water, and pointing the camera along the fish's body, from head to tail. (I do have quite long arms!) Clearly I had to hope the fish was framed reasonably: I managed successfully on more than one occasion. Perhaps the best example is attached. I thought it may be worthwhile sharing what I considered a success with others, as I thought it was unlikely to work, but it did!

We would like to politely remind you that if you are out fishing please remember that any fish caught during Spring will remain in the river for many months before spawning. Please treat them with the utmost care when returning them to continue their journey.

Sea Trout Festival


More rivers and fisheries are signing up to this years Seatrout Festival. There are plenty of permits available for anglers wishing to take part.

It is simple to get a place. All you need to do is contact the person who is hosting it by clicking this link. For example if you would like to fish Dalswinton beat on the River Nith you need to contact Andy Edgar by clicking this link.

Each week as more fisheries are contacting us to take part the list will be updated. A note for fishery owners, it is not too late to register your fishing if you would like to join us, give me a call on 01573 470612 or email me at to register your fishery/beat.

Fishing For Sale

Craigellachie Beat Rods For Sale In Perpetuity.

February Week. A rare opportunity to purchase full ownership of 4 rods on opening week on Craigellachie beat on the river Spey - read more.

March Week. For Sale 1 rod week's ownership in March (Week 6 ) of Craigellachie Fishings, arguably the most scenic Salmon fishing beat on the River Spey. The past two or three years have shown a marked increase in the early part of the year catches - read more.

Lower Beauly Timeshares For Sale.

September Week. We are pleased to offer for sale two timeshare rods in perpetuity on the Lower Beauly, one of the Highlands best known rivers - read more.

Fishing Reports

Kevin Elliot 10lb salmon caught on Dochfour Beat River Ness on Saturday.

We understand that up to date information on the rivers we report for, is key to helping you decide which tactics to use along with any last minute fishing trips - latest reports.

Simon Atterbury with one of his 2 fish last week.

Simon Atterbury (pictured) fishing the Logie Beat, River Findhorn last week with one of the two spring fish caught during his fishing session. Latest Fishing Report for the River Findhorn - read more.

Discover the latest fishing added every day to the FishPal site. The Latest Fishing page lists fishing added to our database. Today we have over 183,000 day permits available on our site - find fishing.

Phillip Black fishing the Connon last Saturday.

Atlantic Salmon Trust Auction

The eagerly awaited auction from the Atlantic Salmon Trust has been launched today.

This year they have something for everyone. Over 91 lots of fishing, shooting, personal chefs, holidays, accessories and a selection of golden tickets which include the Final at Wimbledon - read more.


Fish The Tweed

Forty eight Salmon and three Sea Trout, with the best fish for the week at 13lb Salmon caught on the Hendersyde and Ladykirk beats - latest catches.

John Slapp returning his fish on Junction.

Hendersyde Head Boatman Ketch reports "A slow but steady week with the days getting a bit sunny for us and the river falling back to summer level as the week went on. The rods did manage to land four nice fish though. We had extra reason to celebrate on Tuesday when Professor Stuart Reid caught his first ever salmon, a nice 10lber on the fly. All things considered, a good result given the conditions."

Tom Carter is in the office Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and can offer advice on where to go fishing on Tweed. Give him a call on (+44) 01573 470612. Visit Tweed fishing availability.

Trout Fishing

Photograph taken by Tweedguide.

We have a list of trout clubs for the River Tweed. If you fancy a guided days fishing on the river for trout and/or salmon give Ron McCombe at Tweedguide a call on 07962 401770. Or visit their website for their next fishing school.

Tweedguide have been guiding customers on the River Tweed for over 15 years.

Insure Your Fishing

You can now insure your fishing with Fishpal. What is covered? Flooding disruption, personal property, personal inability to fish, trip cancellation by you due to unavoidable events beyond your control - read more.

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