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Newsletter March 2018
No. 6

Before the snow set in, Tom Carter was out and about at the openings of the Rivers Nith and Annan.

Members of the 'Nith Young Anglers Club' were given the honour of the first cast on the river at Dalswinton on Monday with great success. A kelt for one of the young anglers on their first cast.

Tom was then off to the opening of the Annan at Hoddom. Congratulations to Dean Bradley from Halifax for catching the first spring fish off the river on the fly. The Annan is definitely worth a fish this spring.

Until Wednesday morning many areas were still casting a line. Every salmon photo in this week's newsletter has been taken during the last week.

If you are out and about this coming week please stay safe. You can keep up to date with conditions on our pages for weather and river conditions.

During the adverse weather conditions, the FishPal offices have been open as normal. We have been answering angler's and owner's questions, queries and booking fishing trips.


1st March

River Teith Success

During February, Stirling Council gave the first 10 days of their season on the Rivers Teith and Forth to anglers free of charge.

Stirling Council Fishery Manager Scott Mason informed FishPal that "The take up from anglers has been exceptional this year with rods out fishing the river in greater numbers. This has also benefitted the local economy, including cafes, tackle shops and places to stay."

Garry Watson's first spring fish off the river.

As a result of this years exciting pricing structure for permits, Garry was enticed to fish the river again which resulted in his first ever spring fish from the Teith - read more.

If you would like to fish the River Teith near Callander or the River Forth just minutes from the Craigforth junction on the M9, then give Tom a call in the office on 01573 470612 or view their permits online.

Clyde Style Opening

When a river has its own unique set of world famous flies and offers incredible fishing for trout and salmon, their special guest needed to be an all round angler.


John Henderson a multi talented angler and Sales Director for Hardy (Pure Fishing) kindly agreed to take the first cast of 2018. During his speech he said "It is extremely refreshing and exciting to see the number of people that have turned out today, especially the number of young anglers."

UCAPA anglers are committed to encouraging young people to try fishing with their Youth Project. This year the project has been supported by Hardy with Fly Combo fishing kits. Before the river was officially opened there was a junior casting competition. Every young person attending the opening ceremony received a free season permit for UCAPA water and a goodie bag from Hardy.

John Henderson blessing the river with single malt whisky.

The Clyde has been upgraded to a Cat 1 river, which is a remarkable achievement and only one of four rivers in Scotland to have been upgraded this year.

If you would like to fish for trout, sea trout or salmon on the Clyde, please give the office a call on 01573 470612 and speak with a member of the fishing team. Find Clyde Fishing.

Ireland Blackwater

Whilst the rest of the UK was suffering from extreme weather, anglers in Ireland had enjoyed some fine weather, until this morning! Anglers fishing the Ballyduff Bridge Salmon Fishery, Fermoy in Ireland had blue skies and a river in great order.

More silver this week with two crackers caught yesterday at 10 and 14/15lbs respectively.

Our man in Ireland Joe Early, said there are signs that the fishing is starting to improve. The Moy have had 3 fish. Ballyduff beat and Carrysville beat on the Blackwater have all had fish. The Rivers Finn and Boyne open this weekend.

If you would like to fish Ireland this year, please give our offices at call on 01573 470612 and speak to a member of our Irish fishing team. Alternatively visit the FishIreland website part of the FishPal group.

Easter Holidays


With only a few weeks left before the Easter holidays, we have lots of affordable places for a family fishing holiday. There are some fabulous places on the site suitable for young and old, no matter what your ability.


Please give Tom a call in the office on 01573 470612. From a single day fishing through to fishing with accommodation check the FishPal website.

Tyne Success

Malcolm Tennant with his Styford springer.

The first springer landed from Styford beat below the fish pass at Riding Mill was caught by Malcolm Tennant. It was taken on a Cascade fly and weighed 13lbs - read more.

London Fly Fishing Fair 23/24th March

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, or somewhere in between, the London Fly Fishing Fair 23/24th March 2018 is the ideal place to get involved in the sport.


Stillwater Fishing

Over wintered rainbow trout

As we move into March, the still water trout season really gets going. Small waters have been open throughout the winter and the main reservoirs are starting to open up. As the weather improves and warms, there is an increase in insect life and the trout respond by gorging on the abundant food resource. So why not get out there and make the most of some of the best fishing of the year! - read more.

Keep Up To Date

If you would like to receive regular updates on catches, river levels and fishing reports please follow this link.

River Dee

This is what Spring fishing is all about. An absolutely stunning February springer for David Littlewood, his personal best weighing in at 17lb.


Taken on a black and yellow copper tube, fished off a floating line and super fast sink tip.

If you would like to fish the River Dee in 2018 please visit the FishDee website or give Tom a call in the office on 01573 470612.

River Tay

17lber caught by Gary Weir on Islamouth.

The Tay is certainly the place to come to for the chance of a fish of a lifetime. The sheer size of the river produces very powerful large salmon and the possibility of a 40 pounds fish must be on the cards now - read more.

Perfect place to stay for beats in and around lower to middle Tay.

Glasgow Angling Open Centre


Due to the adverse weather conditions, the biggest fishing event in Scotland has been postponed.

Whilst the show has been cancelled, every offer and special price reduction will now be available on-line.

New dates will be announced soon via the FishPal newsletter and Glasgow Angling Centre's Facebook page.


NEW Mackenzie Rods

World Spey Casting Champion Scott Mackenzie chatting with customers.

A new range of double and single handed graphene fly rods and lines designed by the Mackenzie fly fishing team have been launched this year. The new range includes a travel range, FX1 Graphene range and the award winning G2 DTX range - read more.

Mackenzie Fly Fishing during April and May will be again hosting their spey casting master classes. The course has been running since 2004 with anglers travelling across the UK and internationally to learn from world spey casting champion Scott Mackenzie - read more.

River Tweed

After a frustrating first few weeks with unsettled weather, beats that you would expect fish off, are now off the mark - read more.

18 pound sea liced springer for John McElroy off Junction,Tweed, Tuesday

For places to fish and stay during the Easter holiday in the Scottish Borders please visit the website or call our offices on (+44) 01573 470612. We have fishing on the site to cater for all abilities.

Last Minute Offers on Crabtree & Crabtree Holiday Homes & Cottages - read more.

Grayling Fishing

Philippa Hake returning a grayling, caught using her own tied fly.

Fishing for grayling is enjoying a revival with more anglers contacting the FishPal offices to book permits. If you are a novice or seasoned angler and would like to find out places to fish for the Lady of the stream then visit our site.

The river Annan as well as many of the other border rivers are gaining a reputation, not only as a good grayling fishery, but also as a fishery where specimen grayling over 2lb are fairly - read more.

Phillippa Hake a member of the Partridge Pro Team caught her fish on a Perdigon nymph. She fishes it as a team of two when nymphing on her local river, a heavier size 16 on the point and size 18 on the dropper

Your Photos

A young angler returning a kelt on opening day

The opening of the Nith earlier this week was a well attended event. Members of the "Nith Young Anglers" club had the privilege of taking the "first cast". More news about the opening of the Nith in next weeks newsletter.

Keeping sending in your photographs to

Copper For Spring


When you're heading to the river, it is always good to have a copper option in your fly box. Copper colour is normally a go to colour when you have a peat stain in the water - read more.

Insure Your Fishing

You can now insure your fishing with Fishpal. What is covered? Flooding disruption, personal property, personal inability to fish, trip cancellation by you due to unavoidable events beyond your control - read more.

News In Brief

Meikleour Fishing have places left on their one day casting course on March 16th - read more.

Banchor Cottage and beat have various weeks in July with a 20% reduction for fishing and accommodation from Sunday to Sunday, £1500.00 for cottage and 2 rods for 6 days - read more.

Border Esk & Liddle Angling Club have cancelled their AGM due to adverse weather conditions. They are hoping to rearrange it to Saturday 10th March.

Glasgow Angling Open weekend due to take place this weekend has been cancelled. They will be announcing new dates soon.

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