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Mill pool
Mill pool
Mill pool
Run above Mill pool
Run above Mill pool
Run above Mill pool
Pool below mill buildings
Pool below mill buildings
Pool below mill buildings
A deep pool
A deep pool
A deep pool
Access road
Access road
Access road
Very top of beat
Very top of beat
Very top of beat

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This beat is only suitable for anglers who are reasonably fit and don’t mind a bit of a walk to access the water. The beat has not been fished for many years. There are two large pools that offer fairly easy access. The first is directly opposite the old mill buildings at Scots Mill Kailzie. The second is directly below and is a big deep pool.

This bankings are left natural and should only be booked by those who appreciate a more natural environment and is not suitable for anyone looking for manicured banks.

The beat is only really suitable for two anglers sharing due to the majority being inaccessible due to trees.

Access to the beat is via the A720. If traveling from the North, after Peebles look out for the sign to Eshiels Community recycling centre. Just after, turn right onto the single track road signed Craiguart B&B. Or if travelling from the South, turn left just before the recycling centre. Follow the road downhill past some houses on the left. There is a field entrance on the left. Park in there but ensure the access to the field is left clear. Then on foot, go through the gate and cross the field keeping the brick wall on your right. At the end of the wall, cross the fence and climb up the banking and onto the tarred cycle track. Follow that path in a southerly direction (left) until you come to a sign for Eshiels community woodland. Take the path into the trees towards the river. Head through the trees towards the mill buildings visible on the far bank.

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If you enjoy the challenge of fishing an unmanaged more natural river bank environment, you will appreciate the tranquility of Eshiels beat. The main road is well away from the river here and even the footpath is well back from the water. 

1.5 miles left bank
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