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The River Cassley is one of the prime salmon fly fishing spate rivers in Northern Scotland. The river flows southeast from Gorm Loch Mor for approximately 18 miles through Glen Cassley to the enter the Kyle of Sutherland at Rosehall. The Glencassley Estate beat extends to approximately 5 miles of double bank fishing. The River Cassley's main tributary, Abhainn Gleann na Muic, enters the river near the top of Beat 1 which starts just below the Glenmuick Falls. Beat 2 starts at the Dipper Pool and runs down to March Pool. Beat 1 has 13 named pools and Beat 2 some 18 named pools. The two beats are fished in rotation.

The salmon usually start to run from mid May and continue to the end of the season. The salmon are held back by the Cassley Falls which are less than a mile from the tidal waters, until the water temperature reaches 52 degrees F, usually in late April. The season for all Kyle rivers closes on 30th September.

Upper Beat

The upper pools, numbers 7 to 13 can be reached by crossing the swing bridge some four hundred yards below Glenmuick Falls.

1 DALNACLA VE This is a pool which was enlarged in the past it best fished in medium to high water and in these water conditions can offer good fishing.

2 CORNER This is a smaller pool on the bend of the river which in higher water offers a nice pool for fish to lie.

3 POINT This pool has offered some excellent fishing in medium height water at the head of the pool and in higher water it is worth fishing the whole pool.

4 FLATS The Fishery have enjoyed fishing the stream at the head of this pool in low water and the whole pool in medium to high water.

5 WEST PARK The biggest and deepest of the pools above the falls in this part of the river it can hold a lot of fish in low water but can be fished at all levels.

6 DALPHAID The first proper pool above the upper falls best fished with higher water.

7 LOWER FALLS POOL If possible wade out onto the ledge and fish the two streams entering the pool, they sometimes take in the scum to the right of the pool.

8 THE GROTTO The head of the run is always good for a cast even in very low water, in medium to high water it fishes all the way down to the next pool. They may take anywhere.

9 THE HAWK POOL This pool together with the pool below are especially good in the early part of the season. In low water the neck of the pool is the taking place and a Yellow Dolly dry fly can be successful. It is a scramble round the rocks and a long cast to the rock projecting from the opposite bank can be successful.

10 THE GLENMUICK POOL Similar to the Hawk Pool, fish present from May to September. In high water the taking place is the tail of the pool.

11 THE BRIDGE POOL It is always worth a cast just above the bridge, however high the river runs it is usually possible to fish the tail of the pool.



12c GLENMUICK FORD These three short pools were made in 1992 and the middle one produced five fish in its first season. They were designed as low water pools and more time is required to evaluate their potential.

13 JUNCTION POOL So called because the pool lies below the junction of the Muic Burn and Cassley River. There are always plenty of fish about and every yard is good.

14 THE SIKA POOL This pool and the short pool just below were made in 1993.

15 THE WHISTLING POOL This pool was made in 1993. It is a long walk down to the TOWER POOL. On the way down there are several places to fish and it is hoped to develop this area further. Pools 18, 19, 20 and 21 are best reached by wading across the ford below the Washing Pool. This is usually possible unless the river is in full spate, if so then access is over Badintagairt Bridge.

There are four pools between the Whistling Pool and the Tower Pool. They are unnamed and are very good in high water but not worth the walk in low water conditions.

17 TOWER POOL Below the Pictish Castle, the long run always contains fish, which sometimes take the dibbled fly. The usual taking place is where the run enters the pool.

18 BARRIER POOL One of the best pools on the Beat. The head and tail produce fish, if given wind the middle of the pool should be fished by backing up.

19 W ASHING POOL Another very attractive pool - the lies alter a little each year due to shifting gravel. It is worth fishing from the head down to the two trees on the opposite bank. There is a ledge of rock projecting out from the other bank on which one frequently gets the fly caught.


Lower Beat

20 ISLAND POOL OR DIPPER This pool is the top of the lower stretch (the island has long gone). It fishes well in July, August and September in medium to high water.

21 CROICK POOL This is also a high water pool.

22 BADINTAGAIRT POOL The fish lie under the trees on the opposite bank. Large stones have been sited to create more lies.

22a CLARE’S RUN Can be productive.

23 POINT POOL There are at least two good runs between Badintagairt and the Point Pool which are worth a cast. The run into the latter is good at any level of water. There are two good runs below the Point Pool.

24 THE SHINGLE This area can be spectacular in medium to high water and has been very productive over the last few years. It leads into the run in to the Long Pool which is always worth fishing carefully.

25 THE LONG POOL In high water the head of the pool is reached by going over the Badintagairt Bridge and walking down. In low water one can wade across above the head of the pool, also, below the tail at ALLT-NA-FAIC. It is almost a mile in length, holds fish throughout, the greatest concentration at ‘the rocks’ and ‘the bay’. In the autumn it is teeming with fish which can take readily, it should also be said they can be very dour.

26 ALLT-NA-FAIC Usually fish here, in medium to high water they take in the run.

27 WOOD POOL This is a high water pool and fishes best when the stone is just covered.

28 CORNER POOL This pool was excavated in 1992 and has produced more fish since then. It fishes well in low water and can be easily waded just above the head.

28a LOWER CORNER POOL This pool was made in 1992 and it is too early to assess its potential.

29 CASTLE POOL This fishes at all levels and is a good holding pool. In high water the last twenty five yards is the taking place.

30 LITTLE CASTLE POOL A short pool but well worth a cast on the way down.

31 COTTAGE POOL This pool is in two parts and can be quite spectacular when conditions are right.

32 THE GEORGE POOL A short man made pool.


34 THE MICHAEL POOL A short man made pool.


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