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NOW RESOLVED Scottish River levels were badly out of date, as our data feed from SEPA stopped on Christmas Eve due to their ongoing ransomware attack

We apologise for the period of interruption to our river levels service.

For the latest situation, See the progress updates below.

All other systems are running normally including river levels for England, Wales and Ireland

Progress updates:

Thu 24th Dec 10.00am: - SEPA notified of the issue. Awaiting a response.

Thu 24th Dec 16.45pm: - Nothing from SEPA yet. Looks like a major outage from them.

Thu 24th Dec 23.00pm: - Still nothing from SEPA, but looks as though they have been suffering a cyber attack - see their press page

Sat 26th Dec 11.00am: - Still nothing from SEPA, so their cyber attack must have been very serious. We have now stopped sending out river level alerts, or updating our river level pages, until we see more up to date data on the SEPA river level site

Mon 28th Dec 11.10am: - Still no word from SEPA nor current data on their website for us to use. We will keep checking.

Wed 30th Dec 11.10am: - Still no word from SEPA nor current data on their website for us to use. We will keep checking.

Sun 3rd Jan 11.50am: - Still no word from SEPA nor current data on their website despite it now being over 10 days since the incident. We will keep pressing for more information and a resolution, as the salmon fishing start is not far away now.

Wed 6th Jan 14.40pm: - Still no answer from SEPA to our frequent attempts to find out when their river levels data will be updated again. However after nearly two weeks they have at last issued a new website update but this does nothing to tell us when normal service will resume or even given the slightest apology for the inconvenience caused to so many people for so long.

Mon 11th Jan 10.00am: - Still no answer from SEPA to our frequent emails, calls and social media messages to enquire when we can expect their river level data service, which we and our anglers depend on, to resume. Our contacts elsewhere say that SEPA have huge problems, probably arising out of a ransomware attack which may have locked all their data. While, if this is the case, we have every sympathy with them, what we cannot sympathise with is the total lack of communication with their data users. A small apology has now appeared on the website (at last!) so they have control of that, so why can't they have a page like we have here to explain what they are doing to restart their service. Sadly it looks as though they will take weeks to restart things and we will all be ignored and kept in the dark in the meantime.

Fri 15th Jan 10.56am: - At last SEPA have admitted that they are in the middle of a ransomware attack , that significant data has been stolen and most of their systems are unusable. You can see details here. SEPA are still refusing to answer our calls as to when their systems will be up and running again and it looks to us that they will have to rebuild their systems from scratch which will take a considerable time. Hence we will now start to investigate alternative methods of getting some form of limited river level information for you now the new season is starting on some rivers.

Mon 18th Jan 8.20pm: - We have now built a temporary system for the text reporting of Scottish river levels - see our Tay page. This will be rolled out to other stations and other rivers, as soon as we can get volunteers to help. The system is not as comprehensive as our normal SEPA based system, but it should be of some help, and additionally includes water colour. If you would like to volunteer to help your river, please message us via our Help Centre

Sun 30th Jan 11.20am: - We have now had contact with SEPA and been told that they are indeed some way off restoring river level services after their ransomware attack. They have at last put up an update page which will keep us all informed as to progress. In the meantime we have rolled out our temporary service to Dee and Tweed as well as the Tay. We are hugely grateful for the volunteeers texting the information from the river bank

Fri 5th Feb 19.44pm: - Nothing in the latest SEPA update on river levels. Another update is due on 12th Feb, but not at all all hopeful that it will have anything of meaning for us. Our temporary system continues to grow - see the links in the Scottish section of our main river level page. The addition of water colour has been useful with recent high water

Wed 24th Feb 11.52am: - According to the latest SEPA update they have now got river level data into their internal systems but not yet into their website. The next update is due on Friday. In the meantime, our temporary system has been very useful in the recent floods, especially with the inclusion of water colour

Wed 3rd March 10.06am: - We have now had a conversation with SEPA and thankfully it looks like we will be able to start reporting river levels again next week. They have been working on the fix and we will restart river levels emails notifications as soon as they are back working. There might be a few gauges not working at first but they are hopeful of getting the majority working.

Mon 8th March 11.35am: - SEPA now have river levels appearing in their website, but their data feed to us is not quite finished yet. They sent us a test feed on Friday and now waiting for them to make one change needed to make it work, which we requested that day. As soon as this is done, we can restart our Scottish river level service in full

Wed 10th March 7.30am: - We have now found a way round the latest issue with the SEPA data feed and have restarted our Scottish river levels service. To see the new ;pages you may need to clear your browser's cache

Thank you for your patience whilst SEPA resolved this issue and we apologise again for the lack of a proper Scottish river level service whilst they did so.


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