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Tweedswood Latest Report

Last updated: Thursday 23rd April

22nd April we'll as we go into late April and May on the horizon it's a very important time ushally on the river . The river drops away and the line choice will change plus the rod size and fly size . It's that great time of early summer fishing the spring run will be well into most rivers know and settled in for the summer season and topped up regular by new salmon .ive always wondered about that early spring fishing ie feb March as it's still winter but of a con I've always thought and best thing for me is good bye March hello spring proper . It's a fantastic time in the river after we've been thrashing around with the heavy gear and fly's . The coming months we will just have to except that the rules are the rules and it's good no one seems to be breaking them as it's only fair Horus all to return when we get the go ahead and I for one can't wait . Trout are rising again in the pools and keep me company at around two o'clock it's always a great sign that temps are on the rise and the salmon if in the pools will be getting active as well it's like they go together the sunray and floating line would be boss at the moment wee switch rod and shoot head Long 12 lb leader and a strip across its electric waiting and just such a high light . I tied up some new Sun rays for the off and let's hope it's going to be soon stay safe and all you guys that are calling can look forward to once I hear anything I will let you all know cheers stay safe Kevin 
13th april with three weeks under our belts today its hard to say where things are going to go in coming weeks with anglers and fishing . People keep saying that its all a bit much that you cant fish on your own and theirs miles of river bank but aim afraid thats how it is till we get a review on whats to happen to get us back out safe onto the river .
At Tweedswood ive been working alone tiding up after the winter floods its been a big job where it all comes from is beyond me and if idont see another plastic bottle i will not be unhappy so many plus all sorts of stuff even a ride along spaniel . Therese been logs for a long time wood every where and round bales trapped all burnt and made tidy for the anglers return .theirs steps to repair benches just totally gone with out a sign the behind the scenes of a salmon beat never stop theirs always so much to do repair . Wild life seems to be on the up and its great to see this warm spells brought flowers out on the banks wild garlic leaves and all the daffodils at the lodge look great if only you could put pictures on here . 🤣
One team of guys we certainty could not do with out is our water bailiffs team they are the eyes of the river and are doing a great job out there watching over the river from mouth to head water . I was working last Thursday phone went "kev is that your truck parked in the far side stubble field " yeah Kenny graham out on his patrol the river needs these guys and the salmon even more .
The Tweed and other Scottish rivers will iam sure be busy again soon and travelling fishing trips might be hardest hit with getting it all sorted out via flights and what ever restraints are put on not good on that front for maybe even longer well if i get any info i will keep you updated stay safe and hope all the fishing kits cleaned sorted and ready to go cheers Kevin .

3rd april
Well very tricky situation developing all around us and looks like a while till we get fishing and not easy even the trout angler are know not getting out on to the river which is closed to all things angling . Its tough going when your hobby sport or way of life is removed just like that and its also can make you feel you might as well just forget it but hey no theirs so much you can do to get things going in your fishing thoughts and spare time dont sit looking at the telly when theirs loads to do ..
No 1 As a ghillie i see your untidy unorganised fishing bags all to many times so get the gear all out the cupboard and empty it all out on the floor first Fly boxes empty old broken hooks old scrappy fly's and any rubbish ones into a pile bend hooks and discard . Get the fly's all back into the box clean inside and put in a way that makes them look good ready for that first trip out thats a great feeling and you will see a few that caught fish on and that memory will flood back to the day that great feeling of seeing it come slipping on to the gravel .
no2 The rest of the gear fling old nylon get rid of rubbish broken things odd gloves make a list of what you need new gloves, new nylon , few new fly's to replace the ones you've binned, old tube fly's strip reuse the tube , new hooks , the lists endless but the feeling is great just the smell the feeling of that bag the personal things you take its all great on the sole and the mind in these times , oh and clean the fishing glasses .

No 3 A huge one for me the reels strip right to the backing of with the lines into warm fairy liquid and water leave.
Oil reel check it out listen to it is it running ok that sound if its got a ratchet will in its own make the blood rise .Dont much about with it just very basics but rust or grime remove and if any grease a wee bit on spindle before sliding back in .
Get a bit toilet paper or kitchen towel pull the line through it drying it as you go know look at that towel that black residue is why your line dosnt cast out properly it will zing out first time on the river that the big bonus .
If you use braided loops not many know but if yes check and replace of slightly worn this is a huge plus as that springer on the first trip will smash that loop if damaged and you will not be happy .

No4 Jackets check out any damage clean out pockets repair zingers and put all that cut up nylon in a bucket .Clean scissors and check forceps are in jacket but any things not required bin a fresh start required even in the jackets .
no5 Waders leaking get them fixed never a better time no excuses DO IT KNOW YouTube has loads of great wader fixes and if you wash them get it done .They wont heal up in the garage dont even go there fix .wading boots new laces great time to sort out dodge sole fix its all going to help stuff with news paper as this keeps the shape and makes easier to put on .
No 5 Take bottom section on rods clean the cork plenty cleaning equip at hand and just wipe down the other sections check eyes and joints just basic mot on rods stuff .
Take bottom section stand in a casting position outside back door go through a few casts with bottom section relive some tight loop heading over the river and you will feel much better for it plus just jolts the muscle memory back into action .

There you go theirs plenty online places still sending out gear ,flys ie ie and here at loop you can still visit our on line store at www.ffcentre.com and heres a voucher code tw10 if you fancy any thing take care you all and it wont belong till we get going plenty to do on all that gear best Kevin .Any thing i can help with any questions on all things fishing get intouch i will answer for sure kevintweed@aol.com

Cheers Kevin .

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