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Due to difficult times ahead we will be only one rod a day if any with very strict terms and No contact, No boats , Only travelling in own transport around the beat . Tweedswood is a very public area and anyone taking the chance does so at there own risk . Please read latest Fishery report stay safe everyone .

Fully equipped fishing hut full kitchen facility and huge oak dining table full woodburning stove heats hut. All electric appliances ,lighting,heating security .

Full toilet facility as well - all in all a home from home on a cold or wet day .

Tweedswood is ghillied by Kevin Patterson who is happy to help out wherever possible to ensure that your time at Tweedswood will be memorable. He is on hand to ensure a great day's fishing and can give expert advice on various casting styles, appropriate tackle, river conditions and lies.Fully AAPGAI/GAIA Certificated instructor 26 years on Tweedswood beat .Full Rod hire service all top of the range rods

Tweedswood is a renowned and picturesque beat on the middle stretches of the River Tweed, which provides 1 mile of double bank fishing upstream of the A68, under the old railway viaduct. Due to its proximity to the A68 access to the river is very good, Edinburgh is 34 miles to the north, and the market town of Melrose is two miles to the west. There is a good selection of hotels and B&Bs in Melrose and the surrounding area, together with some of the best eating places in the Borders. We have our own accomadation sleeping 4 Speycaster Cottage one mile from the beat available to let get intouch for availability .
The Tweedswood beat provides excellent salmon fishing. The river banks are regularly maintained to ensure ease of access. There is easy safe wading along the length of the Tweedswood stretch..
There are eight named pooles, the first of which is located at Cowies, , long, deep channelled pool running down in to the Willows - a steamier run that is very productive when the water's running off and fish rest in the tail. This stretch can be fished from both banks and has been very productive in all heights. The next pool is the Boiler, which as the name suggests, comes to the 'boil' when there is some extra water. It is deep and has a few good large stone lies in it, all the way down to Braes Corner pool. This area is a long and fast, and runs over a croy. It looks similar to a classic Spey pool where you could fish the fly all day and never tire of it! Middle Braes starts with a long run into a long deep pool before another fast flowing section as the river enters the last pool on the Middle Braes, known as the Tappie. This is a great resting/holding pool with a large croy at the top and another on the far bank at the tail which holds fish in all conditions. Tweedswood is the next pool which can be fished by two anglers - from the bank, wading or from a boat if there is sufficient water - since there is plenty of room.

It is a very productive pool and as good as any to be found on the middle Tweed. The bottom and last pool is the Bridge pool underneath the viaduct - one of the more famous landmarks along the Tweed. The Bridge pool always has something on offer: in low water conditions the croy on the opposite side just keeps things going; in high water anglers fish below the bridge. With its particularly photogenic setting, this stretch of the river has featured in many fishing magazines.
Tweedswood has a five year catch average of 112 salmon, the majority of which are won in the autumn. However, there are good sea trout conditions, together with spring salmon and grilse, earlier in the year. Fishing starts at 9am and finishes around 5pm, giving everyone a good day's fishing. The beat is split into two and each angler fishes one half in the morning and the other in the afternoon, thereby giving you the chance to fish the whole beat in a day. We allow a maximum of six rods, three on the top and three on the bottom, alternating at lunchtime. We have a lovely homely Cottage Speycaster cottage to let 5 minutes from the river for details and bookings .

For a comprehensive list of places to stay whilst in the Borders visit our Where To Stay
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Fri 3rd April

3rd April
Well very tricky situation developing all around us and looks like a while till we get fishing and not easy even the trout angler are know not getting out on to the river which is closed to all things angling . Its tough going when your hobby sport or way of life is removed just like that and its also can make you feel you might as well just forget it but hey no theirs so much you can do to get things going in your fishing thoughts and spare time dont sit looking at the telly when theirs loads to do ..
No 1 As a ghillie i see your untidy unorganised fishing bags all to many times so get the gear all out the cupboard and empty it all out on the floor first Fly boxes empty old broken hooks old scrappy fly's and any rubbish ones into a pile bend hooks and discard . Get the fly's all back into the box clean inside and put in a way that makes them look good ready for that first trip out thats a great feeling and you will see a few that caught fish on and that memory will flood back to the day that great feeling of seeing it come slipping on to the gravel .
no2 The rest of the gear fling old nylon get rid of rubbish broken things odd gloves make a list of what you need new gloves, new nylon , few new fly's to replace the ones you've binned, old tube fly's strip reuse the tube , new hooks , the lists endless but the feeling is great just the smell the feeling of that bag the personal things you take its all great on the sole and the mind in these times , oh and clean the fishing glasses .

No 3 A huge one for me the reels strip right to the backing of with the lines into warm fairy liquid and water leave.
Oil reel check it out listen to it is it running ok that sound if its got a ratchet will in its own make the blood rise .Dont much about with it just very basics but rust or grime remove and if any grease a wee bit on spindle before sliding back in .
Get a bit toilet paper or kitchen towel pull the line through it drying it as you go know look at that towel that black residue is why your line dosnt cast out properly it will zing out first time on the river that the big bonus .
If you use braided loops not many know but if yes check and replace of slightly worn this is a huge plus as that springer on the first trip will smash that loop if damaged and you will not be happy .

No4 Jackets check out any damage clean out pockets repair zingers and put all that cut up nylon in a bucket .Clean scissors and check forceps are in jacket but any things not required bin a fresh start required even in the jackets .
no5 Waders leaking get them fixed never a better time no excuses DO IT KNOW YouTube has loads of great wader fixes and if you wash them get it done .They wont heal up in the garage dont even go there fix .wading boots new laces great time to sort out dodge sole fix its all going to help stuff with news paper as this keeps the shape and makes easier to put on .
No 5 Take bottom section on rods clean the cork plenty cleaning equip at hand and just wipe down the other sections check eyes and joints just basic mot on rods stuff .
Take bottom section stand in a casting position outside back door go through a few casts with bottom section relive some tight loop heading over the river and you will feel much better for it plus just jolts the muscle memory back into action .

There you go theirs plenty online places still sending out gear ,flys ie ie and here at loop you can still visit our on line store at and heres a voucher code tw10 if you fancy any thing take care you all and it wont belong till we get going plenty to do on all that gear best Kevin .Any thing i can help with any questions on all things fishing get intouch i will answer for sure

Well tricky things starting to happen all around on the rivers as the coming months are looking like commonsense is going to have to prevail in whats seen in people wanting to come fishing with contact on any part of the day being totally none existence especially as the client would be putting there self's in danger from being with a ghillie that unknowingly been in contact with a angler previous day its also the other way that a angler might bring the virus unknowingly to the lodge and others theirs no way of telling . Iam very concerned that we are putting customers in danger and also that iam being also put in danger so in coming months we will have to monitor everyone from both sides as no one really knows whose infected .
Some beats have closed there doors to try and save the spread and its looking like its the way to go iam looking into the coming weeks to see what happens in the containing of the spread of virus . Lets watch and see where this all leads and we can come out the other end safely and get fishing again as soon as possible . Its a tricky thing to know whats best but i will do all i can going forward to see how it pans out and hope fully after a few months its safe again to get a group again in the hut and out fishing no one knows the answers for this and ive two eldery parents that will need to be looked after and need visited i cant risk un knowingly taking it up to peebles ive always lived in a happy go lucky thought pattern and just get on with it but when you get it spelt out like it is even i agree i cant risk playing roulette with clients and me alike keep safe cheers kevin .

Cheers Kevin .

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