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Tillmouth has been one of the top performing Tweed beats in the last few years and Tillmouth's catch was highest on Tweed in 2010 with 1,333 salmon/grilse caught.

22 named pools

Luxury fishing Hut will all facilities.

Anglers attention is specifically drawn to Condition 4 of the Tillmouth Fishings booking conditions.

The Tillmouth fishings extend for 4.14 miles of single, English bank, downstream from Coldstream Bridge and has 22 named pools which hold fish from Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons. The Beat extends through an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is sheltered by a series of spectacular river cliffs and wooded banks which provide a haven for wildlife. Otters, kingfishers and peregrines are a common sight by visiting anglers.

For the fisherman the beat offers privacy and seclusion.

Tillmouth enjoys prolific runs of hard fighting fresh salmon throughout the Tweed's ten-month season and its 22 main holding pools offer both good high and low water fishing. Depending upon river levels, most of the pools offer easy wading from accessible banks. For boat fishing Tillmouth has 12 boats spread between all its main pools.

Visiting anglers with their own vehicles will find access to the pools straightfoward. Large parties of people would be advised to have at least one 4x4.

Tillmouth is a 6 rod rotating beat throughout the year. From the end of August to end of October the beat will be fished by the owners. Very occassionally some rods may become available during this period.

During the season, if the 6th rod is not paid for by midday the previous day a boatman for this 6th rod is not guaranteed (however all reasonable endeavours to provide a boatman will be made).

A new fishing hut has been constructed at the the Long Stream, just below Coldstream Bridge, giving easy vehicle access off the A697.
The new hut now forms the focal point for the beat and is the new meeting point for fishing parties and boatmen. The hut has all facilities and will cater for large parties. For further information go to www.tillmouthfishings.co.uk

The owners of Tillmouth are supporters of the Tweed Angling Code and its conservation measures and tenants will be encouraged to follow these guidelines.

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