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The club is the largest in the Borders. It is the only one with its own clubrooms. Visiting anglers can make use of these facilities. A large number of anglers fish on our waters each year.

Prices - Trout & Grayling

Seaon Ticket

Adult Season ticket £75
OAP Season ticket £45
Junior Season ticket £10
River Only Season ticket £35

Day Tickets Lochs
Adult day ticket £15
Junior day ticket £5
Trout & Grayling day ticket £8
Boat Hire £5 ' Life Jackets Must Be Worn'"NOT SUPPLIED"
Prices - Salmon
Local season ticket £70
Local OAP season £45
Visitor salmon season tickets 25 available from the secretary

Day ticket £35

Please find links for salmon availability

Fishing is available on a day or season ticket basis. There are three lochs to choose from, Acreknowe, Williestruther and Barnes Loch which are near Hawick. Acreknowe and Williestruther are stocked monthly from March to August with rainbow trout. The Barnes loch, Stobs ia a hill loch and is stocked annually in April with brown trout.

River anglers can fish for brown trout and grayling on the Teviot and tributaries. Close season and winter grayling fishing is available in December, January, February and March.

Salmon fishing covers approximately 10 miles of double bank fishing. The season is from 01 February to 30th November although salmon are usually only available from mid-September to end November. There are 25 visitor season tickets available and applications must be made to the Secretary before February each year. Day tickets available to both local and visiting anglers can be purchased at the Libby's Pet Shop,High Street, Hawick. TD9 9DD or through the Secretary and online.


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Sun 3rd November

The fishing on both Acreknowe and Williestruther is open till the 30th November.

Fishing on Acreknowe has been reasonably good during the milder days.Small shuttle cock CDC`s have been taking fish when fish have been seen rising.
Blood worm fished on an intermediate line has also been successful.

Power bait is still taking the odd fish on Williestruther.

Barnes has now closed for the season.

The Salmon and sea-trout fishing has unfortunately not improved much with few fish being caught.
Most of the fish that have been caught have been coloured.

Tickets can be purchased from the usual outlets. .

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