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Uig & Hamanavay finnock catches
2020 - 394 finnock
2019 - 515 finnock
2018 - 426 finnock
2017 - 386 finnock
2016 - 500 finnock

Loch Langavat catches (Included in tables)
2020 - 32 salmon; 0 sea trout; 50 brown trout
2019 - 29 salmon; 3 sea trout; 381 brown trout
2018 - 22 salmon; 1 sea trout; 243 brown trout
2017 - 30 salmon; 1 sea trout; 339 brown trout
2016 - 48 salmon; 1 sea trout; 408 brown trout

(As to Loch Langavat please see "Description" section below)

10 pools, 6 plus boats, 1 hut
Ghillie by arrangement

Price range: £25 to £50

The Uig and Hamanavay Estate offers extensive salmon, sea trout and brown trout fishing on the west side of Lewis, together with stalking and shooting over about 50,000 acres. The house at Hamanavay is in one of the most remote, private and beautiful positions in Scotland. A stay at Hamanavay is a unique experience and not one to be missed.

Mixed weeks of sport are very popular with guests. This page only shows information relating to the fishing and thus does not provide a complete picture of the sport available at Uig & Hamanavay Estate. As well as our own website (see link on right) you can also see details at: this page

Very considerable time is devoted by parties staying at Hamanavay to stalking and to a lesser extent shooting. The Hamanavay and Red River systems are very lightly fished during the stalking season. This should be borne in mind when making comparisons with other estates that only offer fishing, or principally offer fishing.

The Estate has exclusive fishing rights on the Hamanavay system which includes the Hamanavay and Ghascleit Rivers, Lochs na Craobhaig, Cro Chriosdaig, Dibadale and Benisval. This is the Estate's principal system and is particularly noted for the quality of the run of sea trout, but good numbers of salmon (mainly grilse) may also be caught.

Tenants should fish the river when Simon Hunt advises that fish are running. Those staying at Hamanavay are encouraged to fish the lower pools up to the Half Moon or the Gulley pools in the evening or before breakfast. The walk to Loch na Craobhaig is more enjoyable if rods stop to fish a pool on the way up and down. This Loch is accessed by an 8 mile land rover track and then by foot. Fishers need to be fit as the walk up the river to Loch na Craobhaig and beyond (and the walk to Loch Dibadale) is over moorland (average walking time to Craobhaig/Dibadale is 45 minutes). There are 2 boats on Loch Craobhaig and one each on Loch Cro Chriosdaig and Dibadale.

The sea lochs, Hamanavay/Cheann Chuisil regularly hold large shoals of sea trout/finnock. These may be caught not only in freshwater and the Hamanavay River sea pool, but also in the sea near the outlet of the system and round the shore to the outlet of the Cheann Chuisil River. Salmon may be caught in the sea just below the sea pool. In some seasons (for example in 2003) there were good numbers of salmon to be seen in the sea in August and September. Depending on conditions salmon may be caught in the sea either side of high tide. It is wise to have a second person with waders to help net a salmon in the sea.

The Estate also has the exclusive fishing rights on the Red River (Abhainn Caslavat) system which enjoys good runs of sea trout and salmon. Loch Raonasgail, the headwaters of the system, is in an outstanding position in the hills of Uig. There is one boat on Raonasgail. The 4WD/land rover track passes along its west shore, so no walking is necessary. The Loch holds salmon and sea trout from July and is fished from the boat or the bank. On rough days the loch fishes well from the bank. There are two and a half miles of river fishing with several attractive pools. The S Bend pool is worth a visit when fish are running after a spate. The Long Pool above the hatchery (and close to the public road) holds salmon and sea trout after a spate. The sea pool provides an opportunity to catch fresh salmon, sea trout and finnock either side of high tide. The Estate is engaged in an extensive re-stocking programme for this system, both of salmon and sea trout.

The Loch Croistean system was acquired by the Estate in 1999 and is the subject of a long term restoration programme

Sea trout and occasional salmon may be caught in these lochs, particularly in Loch Cragach. These lochs are approached by walking from Morsgail. Lochs Cragach and Fuaroil form part of the Morsgail system and are fished from the bank. Cragach should be fished before Fuaroil. It is fished in waders, but life jackets must be worn as the bottom is soft and particular care is necessary. After a spate towards the end of the season a good bag of sea trout may be caught from Cragach.

Loch Langavat (approx eight miles long) is the largest freshwater loch in the Outer Hebrides and constitutes the headwaters of the Grimersta system. The fishing on Langavat is shared between six estates. The Estate's policy is to make the fishing from its two boats on Langavat available to the Stornoway Angling Association without charge. This reflects the Estate's policy of encouraging local access. Fishing on Langavat will only be let by special arrangement.

West Lewis offers prolific wild brown trout fishing. There are in excess of 100 brown trout lochs on the Estate. The Estate provides boats for brown trout fishing on some lochs. Lochs a Chama and Bodavat are full of small brown trout and excellent places for young children to learn to fly fish. There is a boat on Bodavat. Loch Brinnival is an example of a loch which holds fewer, larger trout.

There is good sea fishing off the Estate for cod, mackerel, skate and other species. A boat and boatman may be available by special arrangement. Lobster pots in Hamanavay bay provide a reasonable supply of lobsters for the house in most years.

The Estate offers accommodation in an exceptional location (in complete privacy) in a modern, but traditional, well appointed four bedroomed house at Hamanavay. Although the house at Hamanavay may be let there are still additional rods available most weeks, but not every week.

The changeover day for the estate is on a Saturday. Interested parties should contact Simon Hunt on the numbers given across the page, enquires should be at 7.45am or in the evenings on weekdays only.


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