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Scaliscro Lodge is spectacularly situated on a 10,000 acre estate in Uig on the West coast of Lewis, overlooking Little Loch Roag. At the end of a 2 mile private road Scaliscro Lodge and Keepers Cottage provide secluded self-catering accommodation for large family groups with young children wishing to explore the unique wilderness of Uig.

Scaliscro is the ideal place for young children learning to fish, with supervision and tackle provided. We can also arrange other outdoor activities such as sea angling, sailing, surfing, clay pigeon shooting, camping and lobster fishing.


The lodge accommodation includes 2 sitting rooms with open fires, sun lounge, cocktail bar with pool table, rod room, drying room and games attic with table tennis and children's theatre. There are 4 double/twin ensuite bedrooms and 1 single ensuite room. There are a 5 further double/twin bedrooms and 1 single bedroom sharing 3 bathrooms. The lodge accommodates up to 20 guests. In addition to this there is a self catering cottage that sleeps 10. It is available for let separate to the lodge. Dogs are welcome by prior arrangement

Principal salmon & sea trout lochs

The salmon and sea trout fishing starts from July onwards on Lochs Langabhat, Fhir Mhaoil and Suirstavat. Scaliscro is better known for the quality and variety of its wild brown trout fly fishing, in particular on Lochs Bruiche Breivat, Tungabhat and Ahaltair where many trout of up to 4lbs have been taken. Eleven of the Scaliscro lochs have boats on them. The more remote lochs are reached by Argo cat or 4 wheel drive bikes. There are experienced local ghillies provided by arrangement. The fishing's are operated on a beat rotation system.

Loch Langabhat-2 clinker boats

Loch Langabhat is over 7 miles, at the head of the famous Grimersta system, with spectacular scenery and frequent sightings of golden eagles and red deer. Although trolling due to the size of the loch is normal, there are some very good bays for fly-fishing. Our two boats are in Scaliscro Bay, halfway up the west shore of the loch, enabling rods to fish either end of the loch. It is not unusual to catch 2 or 3 salmon per day here and excellent baskets of brown trout are common. Ferox trout of 8lbs upwards have been taken. Ghillied fishing trips to Loch Langabhat cost £250/day including ghillie, transport by Argo cat (for up to 4 guests), use of one boat (for up to 3 rods) and use of an outboard engine.

Loch an Fhir Mhaoil-1 clinker boat

Locally know as the 'Bald Headed Loch', this loch also feeds into the Grimersta system. Many of the salmon congregate here from August onwards though it is better known for its sea trout run from early July onwards. 15 minutes walk to the boat on this 'peoples' loch.

Loch Mohal Beag-1 Plastimo boat from September onwards

Feeding into Loch an Fhir Mhaoil, this loch is shallow and rocky in places providing good lies for salmon and sea trout, which arrive from early September onwards.

Loch Suirstavat-1 clinker boat

Close to the main road and lightly fished in recent years. There is a small run of sea trout and salmon ascending the small spate river which flows from Loch Suirstavat into the sea in Loch Roag. This charming wee river has several named pools and 2 sea pools.

Brown trout lochs

In addition to the lochs listed below there are a further 20 brown trout lochs throughout the Estate that are rarely fished and could hold some hidden gems!

Loch Bruiche Breivat-1 fibreglass boat

Feeds into Loch Langabhat, this loch is mostly shallow and clear with many good lies. The trout average around 12oz, although fish up to 4lb-4oz have been taken. Our best day so far, on the fly to one rod is 102 trout and one Arctic Char. The loch is approximately one hour's walk, from the main road, or 30 minutes by Argo cat to the boat.

Loch Corigeroid-1 clinker boat

Also feeding into Loch Langabhat, Loch Corigeroid is mostly shallow with numerous islands and has trout of similar size to Loch Bruiche Breivat but is not quite such a productive loch. Bags of 30 are never the less very common. Same distance and travel time as Loch Bruiche Breivat.

Loch Tungavat and Loch Athaltair-1 fibreglass boat on each

About twenty five minutes walk from the road to the boat on Loch Tungavat and from the North end of the loch, ten minutes walk to Loch Athaltair. Both lochs provide excellent fly fishing for trout up to 1lb. A shieling has been restored at Loch Athaltair which can accommodate 3 adults and provides a base from which to explore other nearby lochs.

Loch Spagach and Loch na Craobhaig-1 fibreglass boat on each

Two small hill lochs within 5 minutes of each other, either fished from the shore or by boat. Trout, which average 12oz are best taken by stalking the shallows. Forty minutes walk or twenty minutes by Argo cat.

Loch Beinn Charnain-bank fishing only

The highest hill Loch in Scaliscro and about thirty minutes walk from the lodge. The trout average 12oz and fight extremely well.

Loch Ruadh-1 clinker boat

Known as 'The Breakfast loch', some five hundred yards from the lodge, this loch provides guests with the chance to fish immediately upon their arrival and before breakfast each day. Fish range from a modest 4oz to specimens in excess of 2lb.

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