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Choosing the right fly again depends on the time of year and water levels. In the early spring months, from February to late April, water temperature are often cold from snow melt and therefore, large double hook flies of size 4 to 6 will be ideal. Small brass or copper tubes with a good long flowing wing from half to one inch are also another good option. Early spring salmon will not move up to the fly so readily in cold water and therefore, these brass or copper tubes will get down deeper to the fish. The Findhorn generally flows with a strong peaty tinge and to the naked eye looks quite black. However, Findhorn salmon are generally quite aggressive takers and flies with bright colours of yellow and orange are usually the most effective. Classic Findhorn patterns such as the Cascade, Purple Cascade, Yellow Ally Shrimp, Copper-Bodied Ally Shrimp, Orjok, and Willie Gunn will be ideal in any Findhorn fishers fly box.

Alley Shrimp, Cascades are all good flies for the rivers.

In the late spring and summer months, smaller patterns of size 8 to 10 will be required although, Findhorn fish are not shy of a larger fly at any time. Another successful way of fishing in low water conditions is fishing with small hitched plastic tube flies or the Sunray Shadow. These flies are used to great effect in the streams and riffles at the head of the pool by skating the fly over the surface of the river. Fishing a small hitched tube on light tackle can at times give tremendous sport in the low water conditions.

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