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Spring Home

The Spring Home Beat is stunningly beautiful, with superb vistas and is classed as our premium beat. The majority of the Spring Home Beat rods are let on 5 year leases for 11 weeks of the season from the beginning of March to mid May. It is a 4 rod beat. Whilst access to some parts can be demanding in certain areas and care is required, the rewards can be worth the effort. There is an Edwardian hut at Marnachie pool, and there is also one available for use further up the beat, known as the Craigie Hut.

The Autumn Home Beat season commences 8th August 2022, the first 2 weeks of the beat is split and let on a weekly basis, with the use of 4 pools. The Aspen, Marnachie, Hut and Sluie pools are served by the Marnachie hut. (2 Rods)

From the 22nd August 2022, 4 rods are available and the whole of the Home Beat, is let on a weekly basis, using both huts as appropriate.

This section of the Findhorn is very attractive and secluded, it has an Edwardian hut at Marnachie pool, which is the main one but there is also one available for use if required known as the Craigie hut.”

The Upper Home Beat on Darnaway, River Findhorn, is situated at the lower end of the River Findhorn Gorge.

Ian Neale of offers exclusive salmon fishing for up to two rods off the left bank from 23rd May 2022 through to early August. There are some twelve named pools from the Streenoch Pool down to the Gorge Pool just above Sluie.

The famous Salmon Leap Pool at Poolie is also included in the fishing, where given the right conditions, fish will often be seen ascending the Falls. There is also a well equipped fishing hut situated and overlooking the impressive Craigie Pool below.

Please contact Ian Neale, Email Us for further information on availability.

Sluie (Spring & Summer sessions)

This beat is restricted to single rods and again set in stunningly beautiful scenery. Access to the beat is off the Grantown Road, down a forest track. The Sluie Beat (East Bank) runs from Leadendreicht Pool northwards. It is split into Spring and Summer sessions. There are four recognised pools fishable from this bank: Leadendricht, Thomsons, Gorachs and Broad Reeds. Other pools are approached by foot along the paths. Please note that access to the Halliemuir and Scur pools (Lower Home) is not available on this beat. There is a fishing hut available for use.

Lower Dounduff Beat, which runs from the Dunearn Burn junction upstream for approximately one mile to the northern march of Dounduff Farm, has ten recognised pools and a number of small taking "lies". Fishing commences 1st April 2022, currently please contact the Estates office for further details.

Access to the beat is by an Estate track off the Conicavel/Daltulich Bridge road.

This beat is spectacular with views along the gorge. There is a fishing hut conveniently situated towards the middle of the beat with ample parking.

Meads of St John

The Meads of St John Beat, is a hugely popular 2 rod beat which runs from the tail of St John’s Pool upstream for just over one mile to the neck of Pallamore Pool, with eight recognised pools. This beat enjoys easy access although some care is required to get to the water’s edge with some of the pools. The beat suits all levels of angling ability. Access to the beat is by the Estate road past Berryley and then a track to within a few minutes walk of each pool. There is a new fishing hut overlooking the river situated about mid-beat.

Lower Home (Spring and Summer sessions)

The Lower Home Beat runs from Leadendricht Pool some ¾ mile downstream to below the Scur. There are seven recognised pools and is one of the most popular beats on the river. It is left bank only and is a two rod beat. It is split into Spring and Summer sessions. The beat on the opposite bank, the Sluie Beat, does not extend to the Halliemuir and Scur pools. The fishing hut available for use on this beat is a modern timber building with a small verandah. The hut is situated in the middle of the beat close by the car park. Access to the Lower Home Beat is via forest track from Conicavel village and although in a gorge, the various pools are all relatively easy to access where you can enjoy the beautiful views.


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Atlantic salmon
Last 7 days: 0 (Largest: 0lbs)

'17 '18 '19 '20 '21 Avg '22
Jan 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Feb 3 0 2 1 0 1.2 0
Mar 18 13 30 2 3 13.2 0
Apr 22 47 48 0 20 27.4 0
May 11 4 15 3 81 22.8 0
Jun 14 3 27 21 5 14 0
Jul 23 3 40 56 26 29.6 0
Aug 11 5 21 6 21 12.8 0
Sep 23 28 16 13 7 17.4 0
Oct 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Nov 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Dec 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 125 103 199 102 163 138.4 0

Sea trout
Last 7 days: 0 (Largest: 0lbs)

'17 '18 '19 '20 '21 Avg '22
Jan 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Feb 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mar 0 0 1 2 0 0.6 0
Apr 0 2 3 0 0 1 0
May 2 0 3 0 0 1 0
Jun 2 0 5 1 0 1.6 0
Jul 3 0 2 0 1 1.2 0
Aug 1 2 0 0 0 0.6 0
Sep 0 0 3 0 0 0.6 0
Oct 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Nov 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Dec 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Total 8 4 17 3 1 6.6 0
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