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Fishing regulations

The River Deveron District Salmon Fishery Board

The River Deveron District Salmon Fishery Board was originated by the Salmon Fisheries Act of the 19th century. The Boards constitution, along with other Boards, was changed in 2003 and is now provided for by the 2003 & 2013 Acts.

The Board's management district comprises the natural catchment area of the river Deveron, which includes the rivers Bogie and Isla.

The district includes some important coastal burns, The Burn of Boyne, The Water of Philorth, and the Water of Troupe. All of these discharge into the North Sea on Aberdeenshire's north coast, for which the Board has responsibility between Cowhythe Point and The Water of Philorth.

The 2022 Regulations and guidance are set out by the Board at this link., but for guidance:-

Releasing tagged smolts

Releasing tagged smolts

Your Board remains extremely concerned over fragile levels of fish stocks in the river and in particular spring salmon and sea trout. Anglers are asked, therefore, to observe the following statutory regulations and guidelines throughout the season:
Salmon & Grilse

  • 1. From 11th February to 31st May (Inclusive) all salmon to be returned
  • It is illegal to take any salmon (dead or alive) from 11th February to 31st March (inclusive) each year.
  • The River Deveron District Salmon Fishery Board will donate one bottle of Scotch Whisky per angler, for safely returning a spring salmon between the 1st April and 31st May (Follow set claim procedure and Call 01466 711 388 to claim) (Strictly Over 18s Only).
  • 2. From 1st June to 31st October (Inclusive), weekly rods may retain one salmon or grilse per rod per week. Day rods to return all salmon.
  • Anglers are asked to observe the Board’s aspiration that all hen fish, and any cock salmon over 10lbs be returned. Therefore, the Board requests that only male fish under 10lbs be retained.

Sea Trout

  • 3. All sea trout to be returned throughout the season.
  • The guidance on sea trout will be in place until stocks recover to acceptable levels.

Brown Trout

  • 4. From 15th March to 6th October (Inclusive), all Brown Trout under 10 inches in length to be returned. No more than 4 brown trout per rod per week to be retained.
  • Spinning lures should have only one single set of hooks with a maximum sized 4 crimped or barbless. 
  • All fish should be played quickly and retained in the water whilst hook is removed

Beat conditions

Individual owners will also have their own individual conditions, such as the hours that fishing is allowed on that beat, what ghillies are provided (if any) and what fishing methods you can use.

FishPal booking conditions

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