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The Lower Beauly Fishings are located in Strathglass, Inverness-shire, approximately two miles south of the village of Beauly and 15 miles west of Inverness.

*COVID-19 -Fishing
Fishing falls under the regulations / guidelines for outdoor activity, it being an organised activity or exercise, as currently defined in the regulations. However at present, it is understood the outdoor limit of six people, two households applies to any gatherings on the river bank.

Fishing Huts
Fishing Huts remain subject to the previous rules concerning 2m physical distancing. From Friday 25 September it will be not be permitted for more than one household to meet indoors; it is understood this may apply to fishing huts.

We would ask that members please continue to adhere to social distancing, cleanliness and hygiene protocols attached. This is now of heightened importance as we see greater uncertainty over a rising number of COVID-19 cases.

The Lower Beauly is regarded as the prime beat of the Beauly system, accounting for around 60% of all salmon caught. The Fishings extend to approximately 2 miles on both banks of the River. The Lower River is divided into three beats Falls, Home and Downie. The three beats rotate daily. Each beat has its own comfortable, log-cabin style fishing hut.

There are three experienced ghillies on the fishings, one for each beat.

Cruives Lodge - available for selected fishing weeks. Please contact us for price and availability.

 Six bedrooms (sleeps up to 12)
 Two public rooms
 Kitchen with Aga

Cruives Lodge is located in a secluded and tranquil spot on the bank of the River Beauly and is available for accommodation for fishing/shooting parties as well as large holiday groups. It is ideal for those fishing on the Lower Beauly and is close to the village of Beauly and other amenities. If you are interested in booking Cruives Lodge, please contact mary.bowman@bidwells.co.uk or call 01463 211851


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Mon 28th September

Late July fished well on the Lower Beauly; the total for the month was 318, compared to a five-year average of 127. However, August was a real struggle. Water levels fell away, the burns were reduced to trickles and warm humid conditions prevailed. The pools were barely oxygenated. Anglers were seeing plenty of largely coloured fish (the river clearly held a good head) but there were doggedly unresponsive.

The week of July 20 (between 9in and 1ft 6in) produced 82. The Lovat party had 24 with eight to Gordon Armstrong, Claire Armstrong’s first-ever salmon (6lb in the Falls on a Wilkinson Shrimp), four (best 16lb in Breaches) to Keith Webster, three to Angus Chisholm, one to Agnes Chisholm, three to Graeme Calder, one to John Chisholm and three to David Roska. The Jackson party picked up 13 with six (best 10lb in Long Reach) to Mr S Bennett, three (best 13lb in Long Reach) to Mr E Bennett, two to Mr W Clark and one to Mrs E Bennett. The third party had 44 including an astonishing 23 in the Falls beat on the Monday with Ewan MacLachlan and his father sharing 16, Matty Stewart landing four and Timothy Watson three.

The week of July 27 (between zero and 2ft) was also prolific with 73 in the book. The Rowlandson, King and Rugg party netted 25 with ten to Malcolm King, four to Paul Backhouse, four to David Piggot, three to David Hunter, three to Tim Guest and one to Anna Hunter. The Draper and Thies party banked 15 with eight to J Faith, four to D Parry, a brace to D Mason and one to D Morrison. Fishpal rods picked up 33 with 11 to Mr T Sparkes, seven in a day (including five in Laundry Jetty) to Mr D Lennon, four (plus a 4lb sea-trout) to Mr A Buckoke, three to Mr M Hewitt, three to Mr B Bomphrey, two to Mr J Waggott and one each to Mr E Gilmour, Mr Grace and Mr J Fulford.

The week of August 3 (between 6in and 1ft 6in) was more modest with 24 recorded. The Wates and Mason party landed nine with four to Mr D Mason, two to Mr C Wardle and one each to Mr A Wates, Mr A Alexander and Mr S Dunn. Mr A Wates’ party caught seven with a brace to A Roydes and one apiece to D Kennedy, S Wates, A Alexander, J Wates and G Harwood. The Makin party had eight with four (best 17lb in the Old Jetty) to Chris Makin, a brace to Will Leonard, one to Simon Charrington and Declan Fulford’s first-ever salmon (5lb in the New on a Cascade).

The week of August 10 (between zero and 9in) was hard going with just 15 in the book. The Maxwell and Legge party took six with a brace each to T Legge and R Legge, one to H Maxwell and E Bolan’s first-ever salmon (5lb in New on a Greg’s Tart). The Lovat party had nine with three (best 10lb in Fly and 10lb in Island Run) to John Adcock, a brace to Graham Elfie and one each to Sam Seago, Mike Dawson, Richard Pulleyn and George Pulleyn. The third party was blank.

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