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Flies for trout

In March and April the streamy parts of the river will have large hatches of March browns and dark olives that will readily be taken by early season trout.

May and June are probably the peak times for insect activity and large hatches of olives, false march browns and needle flies will be the main sources of surface activity. The fish may lock onto one particular species or life stage, which may not be the most numerous. Towards the end of May into June the brightly coloured Yellow May Dun will appear

July and August seems to be a bit quiet on the Annan on the insect front. There will be large hatches of smaller olives and chironomids

Stone Fly.


These days there are a number of techniques using heavily weighted flies or 'bugs' presented on or near the bottom under a form of indicator either cast upstream and slightly across the flow and allowed to drift down and past the angler or fished 'Czech nymph' style almost under the rod tip, again fished upstream and allowed to drift downstream and past the angler.

Pink Bug.


Again fly choice will depend on the time of year. In the spring and autumn weighted tube flies may be required, but if the water is low flies tied on larger doubles or trebles will be sufficient.

In summer bring doubles and trebles down to a size 10 or even smaller on some tributaries. On the River Isla for example microtubes with 14 or even size 16 trebles might be all that is required. The most popular patterns nowadays tend to be variations on the shrimp fly theme.

Salmon Cascade Tube Flies.


Seatrout Flies have varied little over time as the most productive fishing is still very much from Disk till dawn. Patterns such as the stoats tail, Blue Charm, Butcher, Greenwells Glory, are still very effective. Some anglers like Sunrays and wake flies to add in the mix.

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