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Last week

(Last Updated: Monday 16 May)

River Nairn

Week commencing 9th May. 

Mid week saw some welcome rain, sadly it only caused a rise of 2 inches. Friday Gordon Rennie caught a 9lb sea liced salmon on a Willie Gunn fly. 

With very little rain in the forecast it seems low water will continue.

The smolt migration is now under way on the river Nairn.

River Findhorn 

The catchment has seen a real mix of weather over the last few weeks from snow to brilliant sunshine. With the slight rise in water temperature the fish are now ascending the falls at Sluie and as a result catches are beginning to be frequent on Logie & Relugas and the beats above.  

Altyre continued to fish well early April with 9 salmon recorded.  

Darnaway reported a great week, the week of 11th April.  Catches are listed below: 

11/04/22 – 10lbs and 9lbs from Scur (Meads of St John) 

12/4/22 – 11lbs Craigie pool (Spring Home), 12lbs Scur (Meads of St John), 13lbs Scur (Lower Home) 

13/04/22 – 7lbs – Sluie pool (Spring Home), 11lbs Scur (Meads of St John),  

14/04/22 – 9lbs Craigie, 10lbs Marnachie, 11lbs Craigie (both Spring Home), 8lbs Halliemuir, 16lbs Scur, 8lbs Broadreeds (all Lower Home) 

15/04/22 – 15lbs Craigie (Spring Home), 15lbs Scur, 10lbs Halliemuir (Lower Home), 7lbs Cottall Island (Meads St John). 

16/04/22 – 8lbs Marnachie (Spring Home), 10lbs Gorach (Lower Home) 

For week commencing 18th April just 3 fish landed. On Tuesday 2 nice salmon were caught on Lower Home, a 16lbr and 14lbr from Gorachs and Scur. This was followed by a 14lbr from Thompsons.  

Catches reported from Logie & Relugas are as follows; 

14/04/22 - 12lb salmon caught Logie beat Craiggiehall pool 

15/04/22 – 7lb salmon caught Relugas top beat Scum pool 

20/04/22 – 8lb Salmon caught Relugas top beat Bridge pool 

21/04/22 - 8lb Salmon caught Relugas middle beat. Duillan pool 

23/04/22 – 18lb salmon caught Logie beat. Garden pool 

Further upstream at Lethen, they had an excellent week of 18th April. Report as follows; 

Jack Christison landed our first fish of the season with a lovely 12lber on a 2” Willie Gunn from Dalnashaugh on the Daltra beat at 8pm on Monday 18th April. Jack also noted another two fish showing which is a positive sign that the fish have started to arrive on the Lethen beats. 

There was more success on Tuesday when Paul Kelly landed a 9lb sea liced beauty from the neck of Maharajah on Mini Daltra at 1pm, on a 2” last hope!  Jason McCruden was out on the Altnahara Beat in the evening and reported landing a nice chunky 12 pounder from Deadman's on his ¾" sparky fly. He also lost one in Englishman’s. All fish safely released. 

On Wednesday Roger Dowling had a lovely afternoon on the river and, despite the very bright conditions, had 3 fish (a sea liced 14 pounder and two 8 pounders) all from Dalnashaugh. 

On Friday Jason McCruden fished Altnahara, starting at Princess he fished all the way down before he caught a cracking 12lb salmon in the tail of Lower Sawpit at 8pm. Roger Dowling was back on the Daltra beat and he had a lovely day. He confirmed the river is getting lower by the day but fish are still running hard. Roger landed a 10lb fish in Dalnashaugh on a size 8 shrimp and this time it had long tailed lice on it so it had probably had been in the river less than 24hrs. 

On Saturday Charlie Keyser had a successful afternoon on Altnahara. At 2.30pm he landed an 11lb fish in Chair Pool on a 1” Snaelda tube and then later on at 5.20pm he scored again with a 10lb salmon in Upper Sawpit on a size 8 yellow shrimp double. 

There was also a 14lb salmon caught from Glenferness on the Saturday. The first fish from the beat this year.  

With liced fish being caught at Lethen / Glenferness it is a sure sign that the fish are now running hard and are well spread through out the river, fish will likely have reached Drynachan, Moy & Freeburn upstream.  

You can see availability for the Findhorn here

14lbs, Barry Stables, Glenferness.

 Mark Czerniakientiz with his fish,14th April, on the River Nairn

 Leslie Tyson, 25lbs, Lime Kilns, Altyre

 Glyn Philips, 15lbs, Scur pool, Lower Home, Darnaway

Season so far

(Last Updated: Tuesday 29 March)

The opening weeks on the Findhorn were quiet, with reports of plenty kelts caught, however no sign of a springer. With good water and favorable temperatures however, it was only a matter of time. On the 19th February young angler Brandon Hutchinson landed a nice 10lbr from the Broom Pool on the Forres Angling Association. Well done to Brandon – it is really great to see a young angler landing the first fish! 

Week beginning 28th February there were some lovely Findhorn springer's reported across lower beats. 

Ian Neale from Altyre Estate reported their first fish of the season, caught by Alasdair Foyers on 4th March, weighing around 25lbs from the Roan pool on the Lower beat just before lunchtime, on a 1” Monkey tube fly. The second fish of around 16lbs was caught by Craig Alexander in the afternoon, also from the Roan pool. Well done to both anglers, a fantastic day and great to see Altyre off the mark.  

Darnaway opened their account for 2022 on Friday 4th, with a nice 15lb fish caught by Charlie McMillan. 

Saturday 5th March, Brandon Hutchinson landed his 2nd of the season, netted and weighed at 20lbs from the Stoney on the Forres stretch. The association had a really excellent week with 6 fish reported. 

It is encouraging to see the quality of fish caught week 28th February, lots of solid MSW spring fish – hopefully more to follow. 

Conditions are promising for the coming weeks with big spring tides hopefully bringing fresh fish into the system. With a good amount of snow in the upper catchment the water will stay topped up at a good height. The snow melt will also keep the water cold and prevent fish from ascending the Sluie falls, which should hopefully result in good sport on the lower beats. 

The river Nairn officially opened on 12 th February by Kevan Mackay one of the NAA committee. A good turn out was there to hear him wish everyone a successful season and he threw the usual dram into the river.


However on the 11 th February when the season actually started, NAA member Ewan Macdonald hooked and landed the 1 st fish of the season on fly, but as he was about to take a picture of it it before releasing it, it escaped back in to the river, so it does not count for the  1st fish trophy.


The season so far has been blighted with high water and the river has been up and down most days, so so far we await the 1 st fish to be caught. Temperatures have risen now and a snow melt is on, so once the water heats up catches will resume. Findhorn has been doing well so if the fish are there they will be in the Nairn.


The Findhorn continues to fish well throughout March. As mentioned in the previous Findhorn report the quality of fish being caught was excellent with lots of fish in the 15lb+ bracket.

Thursday 10th March on the Spring Home beat, Darnaway, 3 salmon were landed 15lb, 16lb & 21lbs. This was followed on the Friday by a 20lb salmon from the Spring Home, and a 20.5lb salmon from the Meads of St John beat on the Saturday - well done to all captors!

Ian Neale reports on Thursday 10th Bob Alexander had a lovely 15lbr from Roan pool on a ¾ skinny cascade tied by Leslie Tyson.

Week of March 14th Ian Neale reported a total of 6 salmon from Altyre up to 15lbs. Pictured is Tim Foster with a nice 14lbr from the Soldiers Hole. As well as the 6 landed there were 4 good fish lost.

Darnaway reported a 13lbr from the Lower Home beat Monday 14th, followed by a 7lbr on Tuesday from Meads of St John. On Wednesday 16th a 8lb salmon was caught on 16th March.

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