Maps Help

Icons overlapping?

Use the '+' or '-' boxes to zoom in and out. On a track pad or touchscreen you can also use your fingers to stretch or pinch the map.


Icon body colours

  • Green = FULL match to your search
  • Orange = PARTIAL match to your search
  • Red = NO match to your search

Icon borders & text colours
  • Yellow border = Icons belonging to your last zoom
  • Grey border = Other icons

Icon information

Beat Short Name
Only if the beat can fully or partially match your present search, will you get more than this in the icon itself

Species codes
  sa = salmon
  st = Sea Trout
  wt = Wild Trout
  rt = Rainbow Trout
  gr = Grayling
  ot = Other

Facilities codes
NB Only indications. Always check relevant beat page
  G = Gillie normally provided
  B = Boat(s) available, but not always used
  H = Hut provided
  W = WC provided
  D = Some disabled facilities
None = Nothing specific, but someone may show you the water

The figure shown is the amount per rod/day
A '+' sign indicates that VAT is charged on top

Closing an icon window

If you click on an icon, you get an information window with links to the booking system and the beat's own web page.

To close the window, click one of these:

  • The map outside the window
  • Another icon.
  • The close box at the top right corner of the window (if you can't see it, drag the map, not the window, until it appears).
  • The zoom out '-' box (may need more than one click)


The system is primarily designed for desktop computers and tablets, but should work on smartphones too. However, you will need to make allowances for the smaller screen size, slower processors and possible poor internet connection. Here are suggestions to help you:
  • Use in Landscape mode
  • Click any 'hide advert' link to give you more screen space
  • If on a poor internet connection, avoid using your back button, as when you come back to the search form, your phone will have to reload all the data again, which may take some time. Instead, zoom the map out and/or use the 'Refine search' link (see below).
  • If all the icons are too close together, click the '+' button or use your fingers to stretch the screen.
  • To move the page up and down, slide your fingers up and down the very edge of your screen, otherwise you will just move the map within the page.
  • If the map changes lag behind the icon changes, be patient as changed maps have to be downloaded whereas changed icons don't.

Getting Started

Start page
• Find a 'Search by MAP' form e.g. on the new FishPal and FishScotland home pages. (River sites will have them later, but in the meantime you can use the main ones to search by river)
• Set your initial criteria & submit (you can refine your search on the next page)

Map page
An icon appears for each country showing the numbers of beats that fully, partially or don't match your search (see colours above)
• Click on the relevant country icon
Icons then appear for each river/area in that country
The ones bordered in yellow match your icon zoom (see colours above)
• Click on the relevant river icon
Icons then appear for each section in that river/area.
• Click on the relevant section icon
Icons then appear for each beat or fishery (see 'colours' and 'icon text' above)
• Click on the relevant beat icon
A window appears to show you details of the beat or fishery. From there you can take links to book in that week (if rods are available in it) or to see the beat's full web page. Use the latter if you want to see what rods they have at other times of the year.

Refining your search

Click the 'refine search' link at the top right of the map and a panel appears that shows your original search and some additional 'must have' items you can now set if you want (price, facilities and species).

Change any of these settings and the icons will instantly change numbers and colours.

To close the panel, click the 'Refine search' link again.