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When to fish

The Foyle river system is extensive and provides approximately 900 miles of prime salmon, sea trout and trout fishing.

Situated in the north-west region of Northern Ireland the Foyle system is one of Ireland's most prolific grilse and summer salmon fisheries with the peak months being June and July. Though where there is a mild and wet August, not uncommon in Ireland, the fishing can be as equally good as the two prior months. The autumn months of September and October can also fish well given the right conditions.

The river is primarily renowned as a salmon and sea trout river and the fishing season runs from 1st April to 20th October. There is a variety of ownerships wherein some waters are in public ownership, some are private and others are leased to clubs.

The River Foyle is one of the top salmon producing rivers in Ireland. Salmon fishing is most effective when the tide is out and with low water conditions upstream in the tributaries. River levels can directly affect the fising, for example a rise of six inches in the River Finn can put the River Foyle out of order.

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Where to fish


The River Mourne, unlike it's nearest rivers, is not a spate river but in keeping with other salmon rivers fishes best as the water drops and fines down after a flood. Given the size of the river and the catchment it usually takes 3 to 4 days for the river to become fishable again after such a flood.

The fishing on the River Mourne starts in earnest from late May, peaking through June and July, although there are the occasional spring fish may be encountered in April and early May. The River Mourne also has a strong run of back end autumnal fish and this can make good sport in September and October.

The season on the River Finn begins on 01 March, and although the occasional fish is caught at that time of year the best of the early spring fishing is toe had from mid-April onwards. One feature of the River Finn is that the big Spring tides can back the river all the way up to Castlefinn, below which the river is much wider and continues to widen until it meets the Mourne near Lifford.

First and foremost the River Faughan is a spate river. The first River Faughan fish start to arrive towards end June These early fish normally move quickly on, up and through the river once they have managed to pass Campsie Dam. The quality of the fishing on the River Faughan is wholly dependant on the size of the spates and then the best of the fishing is to be found at Campsie, Ardlough, Drumahoe, Ardmore, Brackfield and Claudy.

Most local anglers fish the River Faughan with single-handed rods of around 10-11'. The river can be fished right up the Killycor Bridge.


The Foyle