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Trout and more rivers to try

Rivers Camowen and Cloughfin

The River Camowen is a medium-sized river (5-20 meters wide) that has a good salmon run - grilse and summer salmon from late June, depending on flows. The Cloughfin has excellent trout fishing available for several miles upstream of its confluence with the River Camowen. These rivers run through lush pasture for most of their length.


Culdaff River

This is a medium-sized (5-20 meters width) spate river flowing directly into the Atlantic Ocean near Malin Head, Ireland's most northerly point. There is good sea trout fishing from mid-June and salmon arrive by August.


Deele River

The river Deele flows through the village of Convoy to reach the Foyle below Lifford. A good brown trout river and traditionally known as an excellent sea trout river from June onwards. The River Deele has a late run of salmon running from mid-August to early September. Most popular stretch of water is from the townland of Gobnascale down stream to Convoy.


River Dennet

The Burn Dennet is a medium-sized (5-20 meters width) spate river. Rising on the northern flanks of the main Sperrins ridge, the river drops northwards through Donemana, swinging west through native woodland and pasture before meandering across broad flats to reach the River Foyle upstream of the walled city of Londonderry. Sea trout peak June to August, with grilse best fished for in July and August and salmon in August and September.


River Derg

The River Derg is a large (10-20 meter width) spate river with a fine head of wild brown trout. It is best known for summer salmon, grilse and sea trout which are generally at their best from late May to August. Some fresh water is required to encourage runs of fish, although grilse and sea trout will edge upstream without a flood. The River Derg has its source high in the Donegal hills, flowing out of the lough of the same name to join with the River Strule to form the Mourne downstream of Newtownstewart. The upper reaches are mountainous while the lower stretches are much more pastoral.


Rivers Drumragh & Owenreagh

There is a good head of trout in the medium-sized (5-20 meters width) Drumragh and Owenreagh rivers. Drumragh has excellent trout fishing over its entire length with great fly hatches in May and June. There is good salmon angling on club stretches and fantastic opportunities for the roaming trout angler, utilising upstream dry fly techniques. These rivers meander through pleasant grassy hills and flat "holms" (or flood plains) for most of their length.


Fairy Water

The Fairy Water is a medium-sized (5-20 meters width) river that rises in the hills above Drumquin. Some stretches are quite slow flowing - in fact, there is reasonable coarse fishing just above its confluence with the Strule, outside Omagh. There is a good pike population at various points, mainly in the mid-sections around Priests Bridge. The river holds a good population of brown trout and occasional salmon.


Scenic Beauty

Scenic Beauty



The Glenelly rises high in the Sperrin Mountains, running westwards along a glaciated valley to meet the Owenkillew River downstream of Plumbridge at "The Meetings". The Owenkillew runs to meet the River Strule near Newtownstewart. The Glenelly is a spate river (5-20 meters wide) that has small wild brown trout and occasional larger specimens, but it is better known for salmon and sea trout fishing. Sea trout is best in June and July while grilse and salmon may be present from mid-June if there is sufficient water - however, salmon fishing is often best from August to October.


Owenkillew River

The Owenkillew rises in the centre of the Sperrin Mountains and makes its way westwards to the River Strule through mountain, rough pasture and then broad "holms" (or flood plains) in its lower reaches. This spate river is noted for its run of sea trout, good grilse and salmon from mid-July. The medium width (5- 20 meters wide) Owenkillew also holds good brown trout.


Quiggery Water

The Quiggery Water winds through pasture and wetland to meet the Drumragh upstream of Omagh. It enjoys substantial mayfly hatch in the middle of May with trout between 2lbs and 3lbs (0.91-1.4kg) taken every year! Spate can bring on the bigger fish in the evening.


River Roe

The Roe rises high above the Glenshane Pass, dropping rapidly to Dungiven. The spate river then makes its way through the beautiful Roe Valley Country Park before meandering across the broad Lough Foyle lowlands. Sea trout fishing starts the season on the Roe, with fine runs from late June to August. Salmon fishing is at its best from August onwards, proving most productive in spate conditions in the mid section of the river.


River Strule

The Strule forms at the confluence of the Drumragh and Camowen rivers in the centre of Omagh. It is a big river (20 meters plus width) and runs northwards for twelve miles, bounded by rich pasture and occasional cereal crops. Along its length it is joined by the Fairy Water and the Owenkillew before meeting the Derg below Newtownstewart to form the River Mourne.