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The Abercorn Estates water on the Upper River Mourne comprises four beats with over 24 named pools.

The Estate operates a "beat system" with water divided into 4 beats. Two beats are fished each day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, the next day this changes to other two beats.

The fishing is let by the beat, with a maximum of 2 rods per beat.

If you would like to avail of rental accommodation there are 2 holiday cottages at the Baronscourt Estate, The Clock Tower and the Governors Lodge.

The Abercorn Estates fishery on the River Mourne has been a well kept secret. With the only people fortunate enough to have enjoyed sport on this water have been a small local syndicate or friends of the owner.

The water has therefore been lightly fished.

The water is best described as a "fishermans river".

It is fly only and wading is essential.

The Pools

There is direct access to the Estate water which comprises of four beats with over 24 named pools.

The most renowned and famous pool is the Snaa it is similar in its appearance to "the Junction" on the River Tweed, the other pools such as "Carnaquin", "The Half Water", and "Blackstone" are every bit as good, each beat offers exciting sport.

There is good variation of pools, most of the fishing is done from the left bank, spey casting is not essential.

This high quality fishery also enjoys excellent access to the river with 2 fishing huts, 1 WC and car parking, expert advice is provided by the Estate's ghillie.


The fishing is let to clients on a daily basis for 2 rods. Accommodation is available on the Estate circa 10 minutes drive from the fishery, subject to availability

We have 2 holiday cottages at Baronscourt, The Clock Tower and the Governors Lodge. www.barons-court.com

This is one of the very few "fly only" private beat based fisheries in Ireland. Fishing is allowed on Sundays unlike in Scotland.

Updates on fishing and the estate please see our website above


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Wed 4th June

Abercorn Estates, Upper Mourne, 2014 Season fishing report
++June General prospects for the next few weeks are good as there are salmon about. Rods are available in the next few weeks.
According to local reports the River Mourne has received a good showing of fish, once the fish pass figures are published we can get a better view on these reports. Rumours are that 600 fish have passed through Sion Mills. Last week of May a number of anglers received some good offerings from fish in the Snaa. With a nice fresh salmon lost on the net at Carniquin. Reported catches for the month, 25 May, J Doherty landed a fine 8.5lb salmon in the Snaa. 17 May S Pizey caught a great salmon, see our website Baronscourt/http://www.barons-court.com/salmon-fishing/ for the photo. That afternoon S Pivey caught a further 9lb salmon in the Snaa Pool - great days fishing.
**Total of 3 fish for May
Despite some good fishing on the fisheries down stream from the Upper Mourne, the salmon eluded our attempts to land some fish.

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