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The Swinton Estate has 1.5 miles and can be fished without a gillie.

Swinton Salmon Fishing
The Swinton Estate has 1.5 miles of attractive single bank fishing on the River Ure. The price varies throughout the season from £15 - £45 depending on the time of year with 4 rods available per day. Historically the beat has been known to produce the highest number of catches from mid-end season. Please park in the layby and walk across the field to the hut. Please beware of the sheep, do not let dogs off leads.

Most pools have easy access and easy wading, please take care when descending down through the woods to 'Top Pool' and use the steps and rope to ensure safety.

The salmon catches in 2017 amounted to 36 and 50 in 2016. Due to very poor, sunny and low conditions in 2018, salmon catches were scarce. There were 9 salmon reported to the Estate including one each for Tom Cundall, Andrew Johnson and Stuart Rose. Pool descriptions:
1. Top Pool
2. Madge's Pool
3. Stony Pool
4. Roman Ford
5. Dovecote Pool
6. Nutwith Wood Pool
7. Folly Pool
8. Hackfall Pool
9. Bottom Pool

48 Miles from the tide and optimum gauge height for fishing of 0.4-1.0m

Double Handed Rods:
We recommend a switch or 12ft rod in low level conditions and a 13ft in high-level conditions to cope with sink tips and tube flies.

Single Handed Rods:
We recommend a 9ft 8wt single-handed rod with a floating line, this setup is great in the summer when water levels are low.

Please use a wading staff and buoyancy aid if you're a novice. All children under MUST wear a life jacket.

Swinton Trout Fishing:
This stretch of the River Ure on the Swinton Estate, downstream from Masham, is a typical "freestone" Dales river and medium sized with good hatches of fly right through the season. There are beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and nine pools to choose from. Fish can be caught on wide variety of fly-fishing styles. The most famous fly-fishing style in these parts is the use of traditional Yorkshire Spiders. However, other methods such as dry fly, wet fly, upstream nymph and Czech nymphing can all be used to great effect.

Recommended tackle : 9ft fly rod. Wet flies: Snipe & Purple; Hare Lugg; Partridge & Orange. Dry Flies: Greenwell's Glory; Iron Blue Dunn; March Brown. Nymphs can be used in the deeper pools.

Please contact Ghillie, Marina Gibson if you need assistance prior or on the day of your booked fishing. Contact Marina on her E: marinagibsonfishing@gmail.com or T: 07432 707 398.

Swinton Rural Office T: 01765 689224 E: ruraloffice@swintonestate.com

Accommodation available on the Swinton Estate includes the Swinton Park castle hotel (with Orvis Rod Room), self-catered cottages and glamping in yurts and tree lodges at Swinton Bivouac. There is also The Terrace restaurant and coffee shop nearby at the Swinton Country Club & Spa which serves refreshments and light meals throughout the day. Picnics are available and can be delivered to your pool of choice. Please visit www.swintonestate.com for further details.

Bookings for trout fishing are available, but not on-line and only by special arrangement with Fishpal. Call 01573 470612.

For river levels for the River Ure at Masham please follow this link: this page


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