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there are two beats (upper and lower).
Salmon, brown trout, sea trout and
grayling, are the target species here.

The Fishing:
The salmon tend to arrive on the middle
river from early April onwards when the water temperature has exceeded 42oF.

Many of the pools are quite wide with decent flow and offer a good swing for
the fly, a rod of 14-15' 9/10 is ideal. The average weight for Eden salmon are
eight to nine pounds, there are many in
the high teens and twenty pound-plus caught every year.

The spring salmon fishing is excellent given the right conditions, the summer period has
good runs of salmon and grilse along with sea trout, this is followed by the autumn run from the middle of August through to October 14th when the
season ends. Salmon are not that particular about flies and most patterns will suffice, Boyo, Cascade, silver stoat
etc, all on 12-15 lb mono.

The brown trout are on the go from the
opening on the 15th March when there
are prolific hatches of large dark olive,
a little later olive uprights and medium olive. Surface fishing is outstanding
during these times of emerging olive
activity. The Grannom hatch can be
blizzard like during April at times and
good sedge fishing in the evenings
during summer. The average brown
tends to run at around the pound and a quarter stamp with some bigger trout of four pounds upwards caught every

Successful flies are the simple ones; Klinkhammer, elk hair sedge, pheasant
tail nymphs and North Country Spiders like water hen bloa, partridge and yellow/red, all size 14 on a 4-6 wt nine
foot outfit. Step down a couple of sizes
during the summer and be prepared to
fish into the darkening.
The beats have a good head of grayling
which are spread throughout the whole length, a good average weight of over a
pound, with many specimens well over
two pounds common. It is the same
tactics as for trout during the warmer
months and in the winter, fishing a bit
closer to the bottom with heavy
nymphs to get a result.

There are four access points, two are
easily driven by car and the other
tracks need a four wheel drive, it is a
private estate. These will take you right
to the waters edge, the remainder of
the beat can be walked from your
vehicle by maintained paths.
The steep gradient drive down to the
lower section on route four, takes you
through Oak, Birch and fir trees within
Baron Wood. Here you will see many
Roe deer, red squirrel and plenty of bird
life to set the scene for what you are
about to encounter.

Some of the beats:

Lower beat,
The first pool you view on this two mile
beat is Smithy Wath from a high
vantage point. This is a classic piece of
water with a beautiful backdrop and a
shear pleasure to fish.
The drive further upstream is just to die
for until you reach the more than ample
fishing lodge (there are two more huts
on the beats). The view from the lodge,
on the far bank is a very high wall of
sandstone where ravens and jackdaws
Carry on further upstream by four
wheel drive or foot and the various
pools are just endless to explore, some
are wide others narrow, short and long
runs, shallow, deep, fast and slow, it is
all there. The Boat pool is the last
stopping place on the lower beat.
Upper beat is as good as the lower beat
for fishing quality, it also has two miles
and the scenery is more open toward
the far bank than the lower. The drive
along the Meadows from the Lazonby
Eden Bridge is the first stop. The
Meadows Pool has a lovely flow with an
easy wade that eventually tails out and
drops down with white water into Top
Hole Corner. Walking downstream past
the gravel beds, the Wicket pool with
its far bank run into deep water is well
worth a go for salmon.

There are over thirty named pools on
the beats. 


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