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River Lower Eden - England

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1.8 miles single left bank
opposite Cargo below Carlisle.

The Grinsdale Beaumont beat is run by Wallets Rural Property Services and consist of approximately 1.8 miles of varied fishing with 9 named pools on the left bank opposite the Cargo fishing's.
There are two beats which are rotated on odds and evens days, there are four rods per beat which are let on the basis that you buy a named day for the whole season.

Season: January 15th to October 14th

Price: per rod day throughout the 2018 Season - £400

These lower Eden beats have the cream of the early spring fishing and are from two to three miles from the Solway
estuary, the river is here influenced by the tide on anything over eight meters and a tide book is recommended.

There are two beats upper and lower which are rotated on odd and even days, there are four rods per beat which are let on
the basis that you buy a named day for the whole salmon season.

All fish caught before June 16th have to be returned (EA byelaw) after that there is a two fish limit.

The summer fishing can be very productive in low water with runs of very large fish early in June entering the river
along with sea trout.

The grilse run starts around late July followed by the autumn run in August and September which can be
exceptional. From September 10th all hen fish are required to be returned unharmed to the river.
The brown trout and grayling fishing is excellent along with very good sea trout fishing in the summer.

The beats are well maintained, there is good access and the majority of wading is easy.


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Fri 29th March

River Eden report January 2019.

For the first time in many years, the water levels at the start of the salmon fishing season are on the low side and very fishable, there have not been too many big floods this winter thankfully. The water is very clear and at 4oC, we have not seen many kelts apart from a few remains from otters, or fresh fish yet on the lower beats although there are signs of kelts upstream beginning to show in some of the pools. It is usual to see new fish start coming in during the month of February, with numbers rising rapidly throughout March as the water warms a little to around 8oC.
A small rise of water on the 26th, for the rest of the week it is very cold with temperatures in the minus so levels will drop.

River Eden report February 2019.

1st, Perfect water conditions, water level at one foot and 4oC. Very cold with heavy frost and ice.
4th - A rise of three feet from heavy rain, air temperature on the rise.
From the 7th to the 10th big rises of water levels due to heavy rain from storm Eric with levels touching ten feet.
15th, back to a good fishing height now at 1' 6", stable weather and water conditions for the coming week.
Did hear of two fish caught 10 and 14lbs from above Carlisle on the 24th, so maybe they are starting to come in now, it has been a slow start this season!
The last week of February sunny and warm with good conditions!

River Eden report March 2019.

For the month of March due to the high water levels all the fish reported below have been caught on beats upstream of Grinsdale and Beaumont, as soon as we get low water conditions that will change.

3rd, 7lb fly caught fish from Warwick Hall, river on the rise after rainfall from the previous day, storm Freya on the way. Water temperature 7.5oC.
5th, Big water in the field!
23rd, river coming into form now at last with the dry settled period, 1'10" and dropping. Hatches of L.D.O and March brown starting to develop.
24th, two fish 15lb and 9lb above Carlisle.
25th, two fish 9lb and 18lb for Phil Holland on the middle river.
27th, 10lb fly caught fish for Phil Holland above Carlisle.
28th, 9lb fish above Carlisle.
29th, two fish 12 and 13lb above Carlisle. Water now 10" above summer level. River now at 10" above summer level.

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