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Miramichi Salmon Association: 

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Mission Statement
Global-class leadership, stewardship, and conservation practices for the Miramichi Watershed to continuously preserve and advance its environmental integrity for the benefit of all species, in particular the Atlantic salmon.

Since 1953, the MSA and its members have directed their capabilities and their funds to the protection of the entire Miramichi River system.

For 65 years, the MSA has watched over the Miramichi as a champion of conservation on behalf of anglers, outfitters, guides and all others with economic, environmental and recreational interests in the river.

Managed by volunteers from Canada, the USA and abroad, as officers and directors, the MSA remains cooperative with, but independent of, government or special interests influence. It responds in the end only to its growing conservation membership.

The net result is a well-managed river system that today, thanks in part to the MSA's championing of its cause, has more miles of salmon angling water and traditionally holds larger and healthier populations of Atlantic salmon than most salmon rivers in North America.

MSA Conservation Programs: 

Broodstock Collection : Each year the Miramichi Salmon Association gathers wild adult salmon for spawning at the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre.  This is a great opportunity to volunteer in a fun activity to help the MSA gather these fish. Broodstock Collection

Stocking: In 1997, operation of the Miramichi Salmon Conservation Centre in South Esk was transferred from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to the Miramichi Watershed Management Committee along with the responsibility of enhancing salmon stocks in the Miramichi. The Miramichi Salmon Association leases the Centre and carries out the everyday operation of the facility. Each year the Miramichi Salmon Association carries out an extensive salmon stocking program on the various tributaries of the Miramichi River. Stocking

Cold Water Refuge : Each year the MSA chooses cold water areas of the Miramichi that could use improvement. Many of the projects we have completed can be found by clicking the following link. Cold water pool projects 

Electrofishing program: The Miramichi Salmon Association (MSA) conducts an electro-fishing program each year to assess the distribution of juvenile Atlantic salmon in the headwater areas of the Miramichi River watershed, which may not be easily accessible to spawning adults. Electrofishing Info

Kelt Tracking: Starting in 2008 the Miramichi Salmon Association, in collaboration with the Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF), developed a study to track kelts from the Miramichi River. The purpose of this program is to understand the migration paths of kelts, from the river to the ocean and back again, and to determine what temperatures and depths kelts prefer to migrate through. Kelt Tracking

Spawning Obstructions: Each fall the Miramichi Salmon Association increases the spawning habitat available to adult salmon by removing beaver dams on tributary streams.  Beaver dams can impede the upstream progress of adult salmon and can prevent them from reaching headwater spawning areas, especially in years of low flow conditions. MSA staff canoe or hike into areas with known beaver dams and remove old dams or notch active beaver dams just prior to or during the spawning time for Atlantic salmon.  Adult salmon which are held up below the dam can move upstream through the notch and the beaver later repairs the dam. Spawning Obstructions

Contact MSA:

MSA South Esk Office

485 Route 420
South Esk NB E1V 4L9
(506) 622-4000

Robyn McCallum
[email protected]

Patty Sanderson
Finance Coordinator
[email protected]

Vanessa McLaughlin
Administrative Assistant
Member Relations Clerk

[email protected]

Lyndsay Jay Keating
[email protected]

Butch Dalton
Program and Development Coordinator
[email protected]

Mark Hambrook
Hatchery Manager
[email protected]

Holly Labadie
Assistant Hatchery Manager